Just My Day Job

The lack of indentation would bother me each time I wore this shirt. :frowning:

I’d get this, except the formatting would kill me.

Ha awesome-
Had a feeling this one would win, but, then again, precognition is my super power!

The entire top 20 will be taken over by Glowies before you know it!

Nice one Boots²!

Indent your code!

Yay more glow in the dark shirts! They will take over.

(The owl one is still my favorite) :slight_smile:

ha! Sharp, succinct, soaring. And as I mentioned in the derby thread, I have the glasses to go with it, for daytime endeavors only ; )

The formatting is all wrong. Indent that code. This would bother me constantly.

Wow, I am so glad I’m not the only obsessive indent-er around…

What programming language is this?


Looks to be C/C++ programming code.

Terrible coding standards. No wonder its the alter ego.

One option returns a value and the other calls some function somewhere with an unparsed return state?


Really? The fact that not all paths return a value would bother me more.

I almost want to buy one just to annoy all my coder friends.

at least they used ‘==’ and not ‘=’.

Too technical for me. I like a shirt that anyone can quickly understand. I’m enjoying the double meaning glow in the dark shirts, but again, the meaning behind the images must be clear. I don’t want people staring at my shirt with their minds in the dark.

If this is supposed to be c/c++, why is everything in uppercase?

Also the string comparison should be more like:

if (strcmp(time, “DAY”) == 0) {

Visual Studio