Just One More Chapter

A skillful and beautiful design, especially for a book lover like me! I thought this would get a Derby win… Congratulations, Piercek! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Such a cool design, great shading, and neat colors. But does it have to be on white? That kills it for me. I can’t keep anything white.

Need to be on a tote and a journal!

I agree, this would make a great tote, congrats Piercek25

Journals are coming!

Another rare white-shirt derby winner. Gratz Piercek25!

Super shirt, and finally not on black. But the $5 shipping gosh, that’s a 50-percent price hike. Kills it.

Yeah, but the total cost is then $12 - $15, which is still a good price for a well-designed T-shirt.

Apropos for November (Nanowrimo month), but what about totes? I really, really need this on a book bag.

But white is great for summer weather! I have a huge collection of dark tees because I like the way they look (and stay clean) but I keep white tees in reserve for hot days.

Thanks everyone! and for the votes aswell. :slight_smile:

Daily shirts used to be $12 for the standard Anvil. There is NO price difference from before.

When the cart was introduced to Woot, the price was dropped to $7 + $5 shipping for the entire cart. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one shirt or a dozen or with a Dyson or with a laptop or with some shelves or with a kitchen sink; the shipping remains $5.

I would buy this in a heartbeat if it was on something other than a white shirt. Love the design!