Just Plain Weird


as much as all of us surf the web everday, I thought it’d be nice to post up some of the more strange and wacky sites and/or weird stuff we’ve found. To kick things off, I submit to the group something I came across just today: Fart Domination. Oh, yes. It does exsist. I was residing happily in my fairly normal porn world when the walls came tumbling down while reading this in another forum:

"In fart domination, an individual acting in a dominant role farts into the face of a person acting in a submissive role. Farts are often targeted at the face, sometimes even more specifically at the mouth, the ear, or nose of the submissive. Therefore, fart domination acts often also include facesitting. The act of a dominant female farting on the submissive man’s penis is also common and has a more symbolic meaning. "

and yes, Virginia, there is the porn out there to prove it. In fact just typing in “fart porn” on Google will provide you with at least 5 minutes of free entertainment. Beware, you will never be the same.

someone care to top that?



I’m scared to


Wow, you can’t start off setting the damn bar that high!

Actually, I’m more interested in expanding on your earlier statement:

Actually…never mind.


well, I thought I was being all understanding ad supportive of progressive 3some and 4some porn with my husband. I could understand that there are some sexual weirdnesses that some people could find exciting while I find them repulsive. Turns out there’s a whole new realm of weirdness that I have to come to terms with


Cat fixation


Google “tubgirl” - you will wish you never did


Along the same vein: goatse and hai2u



Do you have a sister? :wink:


Ugh, I wish that I could forget goatse. I think it scarred my retinas… 100% FACT*

*may be 56% untrue



Dear Goddess. How have I been on the intraweb for 15 years and not have seen these images? I’m betting tubgirl’s hair and face still smell.

Lemonparty does give me a little hope though. Just cause we’re old, doesn’t mean we don’t have needs.


Geez, perhaps they should try fishing.