Just purchased my first item from w00t


Yeah, so I just got that sweet 250gig WD HD for like 50 bucks. I’m quite giddy really, but wondering if this is “too good to be true.” Like, when I get ready to use the thing, will it burst into flames? Will it attempt to take over a small third world country? Will it work just fine and make happy?
All these questions and more to be answered on the forum here (I hope).


//sets fire to this 250gig WD HD

…Yup, it’s bursts into flames just fine.


It should only burst into flames after you’ve loaded all your vital information and deleted it from the source drive.
A hard drive that multitasks by bursting into flames and taking over third world countries would save dreamaster considerable resources in napalm, bribes, and counter-revolutionary weapons supplies. That would let him focus on his larger goals of world and galactic domination, enlarging his hamster harems, and cooking the perfect fried turkey.
Let us know how it works!




//tries to help n00b save thread from hijacking before question was answered…

this should work as well as any refurb’d drive you’ll get… it’s not too good to be true… but sometimes you get what you paid for… if it craps out on you, it’s Western Digital’s fault, though, not woot’s.

is that good enough?
//bails out to evade hijackers