Just The Two Of Us

Two for tuesday… I mean… Friday.

Good job woot! =)

You guys rock!

This was the only way to do this, and you did it?

Rock on. :smiley:

Even shirt.woot! is getting into the theme offering 2 shirts.

Nice. Ordered.

No, you only get 1. lol

I’d take two for 10.

Nice concept for a couple madly in love (but doesn’t mind people making fun of their semi-matching shirt).

This is tworiffic!

Happy Birthday, Shirt.Woot!

So, they count as one shirt? And can we order the shirts in separate sizes? Or do they both have to be the ‘one’ size as if we were getting one shirt?

I am so tempted just for the two shirts for one…but I would not wear this myself. Noway I could get my BF to wear the other to match me. Just would not happen! lol

Cool idea… but unless you have a twin who’s wearing the other side of the shirt, it doesn’t make much sense. Not sure if I want it or not.

If I use my $5 off coupon, it might be worth it.

congratulations, truffleshuffle! i think it’s great that woot found a way to feature both of your pieces simultaneously so that they can be enjoyed as they should. strong work…

Now I want to by one for me and one for the girlfriend I don’t have at the moment. Hope I guess her size right . . .

Ohio? Yay! Represent!

This tie is just too awesome (even though it only happened because everyone voted for both) Congrats to the now rich artist! I can’t stop laughing. 'Course, that doesn’t mean much, because the same thing happened when I was reading Tale of Despereaux and the queen died because a rat fell in her soup.

Haha. She died 'cause a rat fell in her soup. Haha. How funny is that?

Hey! I just realized it’s not a tie!

What a ripoff. Way to let us down, Woot. This is just cruel. Seriously. Nuts. Nuts!

Yes, it is a shame we don’t get both. Another option would have been to print it on both sides, but that would have looked kind of weird, as if you’d bent a picture in half around yourself…

I was hoping it would be two for 10. Then I would be in. Now I will just wait for the Devil fiddle shirt.

Awesome! I was hoping for a two-fer, but $10 each is still nice for my favorite of the derby :3 Congrats TruffleShuffle!

This is sort of misleading, I wonder how many people will buy this thinking it’s a two for one deal?

I would have bought them both for $10 or even $15, but I’ll pass on $20 for the pair.

So do we get to see all four fog contenders this weekend? Nice.

I have a boy and girl and they are very close…this seems perfect!