Just this once

The mouse is not only nice but also super strong!

Afterword: Seconds later this tender, compassionate moment was spoiled by the fact that the cat had missed his breakfast that morning…


BOoooooo! Keep getting a time out message when trying to order this shirt! And, I was so hoping to be first sucker. And now, my cat won’t stop scratching me because I didn’t buy this shirt. :frowning:


I really wish there was more of a push for art over popularity at times. There were far more creative and artistically pleasing shirts that should have been printed.

Debating which is demonstrating the inner beauty as I have little enough sleep to invent such conundrums.

Very appropriate First sucker…

Just a hunch, but this outsells the 1st and 2nd place shirts in the derby.

Checking. What browser?

Update: I put an order through on Chrome with no issues. Took a bit to get to the log in screen but it worked.

Call it a draw. :wink:
The mouse gets credit for being nice enough to hold the umbrella for the cat.
The cat gets credit for being nice enough to not eat the mouse.

At first I thought it was a Bass print, but it was Ramy. Funny thing though, Bass was the first sucker… The cuteness of this shirt could quite possibly assist many in getting out of tickets.

Of course Bassanimation was the first sucker on a shirt with a mouse on it, can’t you hearing the squeeeeing?

I thought it was a cute shirt until i read the creepy backstory.

I can suspend my disbelief far enough to accommodate this design except for one thing…

How the heck did either of them open the umbrella?

Cute, but I’m bothered by the missing foot… and stomach :confused:

I just noticed that.

Wow. All I’m saying. Wow.

The cat’s kind of a jerk. The mouse is holding the umbrella, and glancing up hoping to find the glint of friendship, and the cat won’t even acknowledge him.

Interspecial relationships are tough, let me tell you.

Reminds me of the scene in “My Neighbor Totoro” where the little girl offers Totoro an umbrella while they’re waiting at the bus stop. Except that had less of a chance of someone getting eaten.


Why yes, I am a complete dork… How did you know?