Just thought this was awesome

Saw on reddit, had to share:


Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to make it appear here. Worth the click-thru.

Can verify: worth the click-through.

Don’t even debate clicking on that link…

Do it!

Knock Knock is also pretty awesome, but in a totally different way.

Cool, you gotta see this one…

Wow. That is impressive.

Reminds me of an electronic domino cascade. Really well done. I can’t even begin to imagine the coordination and planning that needed to go into that.

There’s a lot of subtlety to this after a re-watch… even the shadows are impacted. I think my favorite (other than the bridge, obs) is the painter. Even the “stripe” is carefully attended to .

Found the original content for this… a music video by Lily Allen, and there’s more of the same type of effects in it.

Lyrics (chorus specifically) NSFW, so mind your volumes.

Ha! I’ve heard the song, never seen the video before.