Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Swept Away Hair Mist

Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Swept Away Hair Mist

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It honestly sounds like a news headline. What was his girlfriend swept away by?? Hair mist?

$10 for a can of hair spray is laughable, in my opinion. The fact that that price is supposedly 50% off is ridiculous. Add Justin Bieber to the mix and I start looking around for hidden cameras and a tv host welcoming me to the latest episode of “Yes, People Are Really That Stupid!”

Finally I can smell like Bieber’s girlfriend’s hair!


Ruth’s Chris’ Justin’s Bieber’s Girlfriends’ Hair


And that’s why there’s a restraining order.

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It isn’t hairspray. Its part of his perfume line Girlfriend that has been around a very long time and is rather popular.

If anyone wants more than 1 can Walmart has 3 cans for $19.99

Windswept Hair Day: STOPPED