Justin Case Rechargable Power Case

**Item: **Justin Case Rechargable Power Case
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New

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Time to check out the product page

Let’s read all about the warranty

Is there an adapter for the ASUS tablets?

Why iPad2 and above? I’m beginning to feel ostracized out here with my obsolete iPad1.

not for the ipad mini???

As an 11,000+ mAh battery with a 2.1A output, this seems to be a decently good deal at $45 (counting shipping). Add in the fact that it’s also a case, and it seems like a good buy for those whose tablets would fit (doesn’t need to be an iPad 2+ but does need to be no larger/thicker than one). Add in the fact that it includes a charger, and it’s an even better deal. Not an AMAZING deal, but a good one.

Wonder if they make one with a solar panel slapped on the outside? Then your Ipad would truly run on sunshine.

Just to clarify, the battery will charge anything that can charge via a USB connector using an output of 5V / 2.1A (max).

You will use the cable that came with your device. One end must have a USB connector and the other end is whatever connects to your device.

The only cable that this comes with is a USB to mini-USB that’s used to charge the battery via the USB wall adapter.

Kinda ironic that the product video on the front page won’t play on an iPad - or presumably an OEM Android device for that matter. (Flash?)

This looks like an interesting product. Normally I’d avoid a dedicated supplemental battery since I’d want to use it for several devices. But while this one wants to sit behind an iPad, it can be used to power other devices.

Has good sized capacity.


  • even tho it has been on mother’s site via another vendor apparently since May 2013, there appear to be no reviews. (Not even any manufacturer planted reviews?)

  • A bit thick at 1.2 inches. Seems like if the big capacity battery spread across the space of an iPad would be thinner. (Yes, I realize the dimension is for the battery, case and iPad, but still…)

I’d consider this woot but I don’t want to be the early adopter with arrows in my back. Can anybody find any solid reviews?

I haven’t had my ipad that long but the one thing that I haven’t thought yet is… Man this thing would be better with a longer battery life! The thing just seems to last forever.

What would be the need for this? I really am curious… if you are a buyer how do you use your ipad that this is helpful?

@VetteLT193, yes the iPad has great battery life under normal use. I can see three likely scenarios where a supplemental battery would be helpful:

  1. older iPads where the battery life is creeping shorter and you don’t want to do an internal battery replacement.

  2. heavy drain applications or long overseas travel.

  3. camping, especially dry camping without power and while using cellular data.

Plays on my iPad fine. Have you installed the YouTube app? It’s no longer an included app on iPads.

Doing some looking online I found two reviews, both favorable:

True story. There was a kid in high school named Justin Case.

OK I already paid for this but do you think it fit my Samsung GT-N8013 Galaxy Note 16GB 10.1 10.3"(W) x 7.1"(H) x 0.35"(D)?

this cove is 10" (L) x 8.3" (W) x 1.2