JVC 1080p Camcorder w/ 40x Optical Zoom

Review and demo over at youtube

Mine survived a trip into a full bathtub…

The underwater recording capabilities are lacking.

What were you recording in the bathtub? Your pet platypus?

The last JVC I had survived for over a decade until my son got a hold of it and thought that it spinning in a microwave would make a really cool perspective shot. JVC makes good durable cameras, I highly recommend.

$79.99 tonight

Accessories page:

November review:


I’m looking, but can anyone tell me if this records in full 1080, or does it record in 720 and upconvert. I’m looking for a comparison to the gz-e200 model, but not having much luck yet.

OK, pieced together from a few different sources - it uses the same AVCHD recording format (1920x1080) as the e200.

It’s important, because I will be using this in a multi-camera setup where the rest are e200s.

Have you had any trouble getting good video quality when uploading to YouTube? I currently own a JVC in the same family (GZ-HM30) and when I download and replay via the JVC Everio software on my local computer the quality is GREAT. However, as soon as I upload to YouTube I lose my great quality. I am trying to figure out if buying this model will yield me better results with less hoops to jump through getting great HD (high quality) uploaded to you tube.

What is this ‘YouTube’ of which you speak ;-}

No, I’ve not uploaded anything to youtube. And I don’t use the JVC supplied software, either. I pull the .MTS files from the cards and edit them in Vegas Pro (which supports AVCHD input AND output). Then burn them with ConvertXtoDVD, which supports AVCHD.

I suspect that your quality issues are with the conversion process that you go through submitting it to youtube, and have nothing to do with the original files.


Thanks for the input. I suspect buying this one won’t get me what I am looking for since it uses the same Everio software. I guess that I need to keep working with the upload methods. Maybe taking a look at the Vegas Pro software your using my be an option. Thanks.

Hmm. Interesting price point. I currently have a Kodak ZI8 that does just fine but is obviously lacking in some features of a full-on camcorder.

The review up there ^^ mentions poor battery life. That could be an issue. Anyone have one of these? I use Premiere Elements so I don’t much care about the packaged software.

I want to be sure I have this correct…it is only a 1.5 megapixel camera, so if you are wanting it also to help take still photos, this is probably not a good option when it comes to dual capabilities. Correct?

I can’t verify this, but I assume YouTube compresses all video to save space. So it may not have much to do with the camera. Perhaps some else can comment.

^^^ this. You’re better off recording in a 720p or even better, a WVGA setting and cleaning it up pp for youtube work.

I say in my book and my classes that we are only about a dozen years into digital photography for consumers.

When “photography” was only a dozen years old, things were quite primitive, there were no standards, but things improved rapidly.

Right now video cameras that also shoot stills are not developing as fast as still cameras that also shoot videos.

The two systems will undoubtedly merge, with the whole idea of “snapping” a single shot going away, or at best being relegated to “fine art” photographers.

(When you think about it, strip away all the electronic help and we still essentially are taking photographs the same way Matthew Brady did during the American Civil War.)

The great masses will end up shooting video and extract high quality stills from the video.

But not yet. Wait a few more years. The lack of universal computer literacy is holding back this progress as much as technical hurdles.

The only fly in this ointment is that this kind of selecting from video takes time. People wanting photos right now may insist on single shot point and shoots, or some kind of AI program that pulls the “best shots” from the video stream and presents them as thumbnails for selection.

Most of us will easily live long enough to see this all happen, but the path to it may be ugly!!

By default youtube plays back in 360p, does it still look terrible when playing back in 1080p on youtube?

does anyone know how well the autofocus works?

Also can it record while charging?

I bought the HM50 a few months ago & for the price, it’s a decent camera. Not too many bells & whistles. I bought it to record marching & music performances (son is in band). Sound quality is not great & if the source is too loud, it plays back really distorted. I haven’t gone in-depth to see if there’s a setting that can be adjusted to correct this because I have a still camera that actually records better video than this one so I use this for other events with no problems.

A full 1080p takes 2.1 megapixels per frame, The sensor on this camera is only 1.5 megapixels.
Looks like it’s up converting because a full 720p is about .9 megapixels per frame, which is well within the 1.5 megapixel sensor in this camera.

Off course it could be recording in 1080i which only takes about 1 megapixel per frame, but it would still have to up convert to 1080p