JVC 1080p Camcorder w/ 40x Optical Zoom



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pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at Walmart


I bought one last time it was on woot and I really enjoy the time-lapse feature and the video quality is very good.


Does it have an external microphone input?


Got one on 1/30/13. Very happy with the camera…BUT was only able to use camera when it is attached to the AC power adapter. The camera would not charge the data battery when it was in the camera. JVC’s thought the battery was a dead cell. Tried to charge replacement battery, still same result. Sent camera, battery, and AC power supply to repair center with a VERY detailed description of the problem. Received it back from repair with a letter stating that I should try and charge the battery (seriously)! Again I emailed JVC and the repair facility that the problem persisted. JVC AGAIN sent another battery. The suggested that I charge the battery for 24 hours when I received it.

In the meantime I took the initiative to buy and external charger. It was able to fully charge the first and second battery. The camera was able to function with both of the charged batteries.

I received the THIRD battery, installed it into the camera, attached it to the AC power adapter, and charged it for 24 hours as suggested - result / no bueno! It did not charge the battery. This is all within the first month after I received the camera. I have only two months warranty remaining.

I will be sending the camera, the uncharged cell, and the AC power adapter BACK to the repair facility again with an explicit detailed problem report, I am hoping this time that they are able to try and charge the uncharged cell. (This was one of 3 diagnosis I gave them on my original letter to the repair facility)

As it stands now

  1. I have only used the camera once (when it was attached to the AC power adapter)
  2. Have sent the camera to the repair facility for a 1 week, fun filled needless round trip visit (courtesy of a $10.00 fedex) They had all the details AND items to do this repair.
  3. Spent $10.00 for an external charger.
  4. About to send it AGAIN to the repair facility (another $10.00)

Since I have a method to actually CHARGE the battery now I don’t feel that the ability to charge a battery a deal breaker. Currently I have two extra batteries (so that is a plus)

The main reason I am sending it back to the repair facility is that I suspect that if there is something wrong with the overall function of the camera, there is possibly something else that will fail the day after it is out of warranty.

So far this is the only refurb item from WOOT! that I have had this many issues with.


I bought three of these the last time they were offered to do a little ‘behind the scenes’ type handheld stuff (and have it intentionally look ‘homemade’) and I like them a lot. The footage (it is in **AVCHD**) merges easily into my NLE suite and it is surprisingly (very surprisingly) decent for such an inexpensive little camera with lukewarm reviews and specs that leave a lot to be desired . . . the real place these little cameras shine for my purposes, however, is in the time lapse function (which is the main reason I bought them - to do cheapo time lapse from multiple cameras) . . . We’ll put one on a small GorillaPod (the one with magnets - the camera with the battery weighs only about 11-12 ounces if I remember right, they are very lightweight) and hang it from the mirror in the makeup truck or have one hanging over the set shooting wide and capture on one second intervals with a large SD card on board (you’ll want to hook it up to external power - the supplied battery leaves a bit to be desired), set it and forget it and we get awesome time lapse that we can cut in with the ‘behind the scenes’ candid stuff we shoot - it looks great, adds dimension to the final production, and it was worth the price - these are dirt cheap.

Also, if I have someone show up on set that I want (NEED) to stay out of the way, I have always kept an inexpensive camera around to hand to them to go get some “candid shots” and they feel useful and engaged rather than being bored and sticking their nose into everything going on - these are wonderful for that. At $80 if they break it or run off with it, I don’t care! If it saved me a grand or two paying a crew to stand around picking their asses because they would have otherwise been slowing the shoot down with questions, it just became an invaluable tool to have on set.

Nice little cameras for the price. If you take the time and dial them in, the quality of the footage will be surprisingly good. One last thought - the image stabilization (there are multiple modes) is actually quite impressive! It will yield very steady shots in the best mode. You sacrifice some framing (of course), but it’s capability will wow you! I wish I had such that works as well on some of my higher end gear.




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manual link don’t work. Just wanting to know can you go manual focus with this camera?



Yes, but it is a complete pain in the ass. You use the up / down buttons on the side of the camera (towards the rear) with the camera in manual mode.


Is there a Russian language? Thanks


Yes, there is and it is a beautiful language and a lot of people speak it - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_language . . .

But, unfortunately, there’s not a menu option on the camera to display characters in Russian.

Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Korean, Japanese and Arabic are all supported by the camera.

Something tells me that may have confused @olimpic80 . . . NO, the camera does not do Russian. But, I know a gal in Vancouver that . . . Okay, better stop there.



I was the one who posted the manual link last time. Looks updated. Try this

It’s $79.99 tonight,like then.

Back then, also posted accessories page

and November review


**Click here for the (full) manual online, in Quick View (Note: may require Google login to view).**

Or, click here to download the .PDF.

***This is a link to the full, detailed user guide, not just the quick start guide. ***


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(nevermind, had the wrong product name, wanted to know if it included wifi.)


That’s not the same camcorder - that is a video for the JVC GZ-EX210.

The camcorder offered here has no WiFi . . . . sorry.


I’ve had this model for 2+ years, and it still works great. Mono sound, but of good quality. My battery is still good too, in terms of discharge time, etc. I am hard on equipment and drop it once in a while. The built in lens door is nice for slobs like me who loose te detachable caps. I keep the camera in the console of my car. This thing is pretty compact and light. It weighs less than 8 ounces. It fits very easily into purse or coat pocket. If using time lapse, you will probably need to plug it into the charger or your frames will stop after an hour or two so.


Actually, the microphone is stereo and the camera captures in stereo. It has a “zoom” mic function that allows the microphone to change the focal point to match the picture so that what’s seen can be more clearly heard, which if activated may be why it sounds mono . . . it doesn’t work all that well in practice, but it is a good effort by JVC to include it as an option and it does actually help somewhat in quieter environments for picking up voice . . . also, the JVC line now incorporates K2 stereo audio technology, K2 High Definition (K2 HD) is a mastering technique developed by JVC Music. K2 HD encodes sound as high as a 24 bit and 100 kHz resolution, even though the end product is standard red book CD quality (16 bit, 44.1 kHz) and it does not require special hardware for playback. It is overkill on this camera, but it is there. I turn it (and a lot of other things) off to try squeeze out more battery life.


No. It’s an 80 buck camera. Get the right tool for the job -or- record the audio with a separate digital recorder and replace the audio from the camera with it when you edit.