JVC 1080p HD Video Camera

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JVC 1080p HD Video Camera
$149.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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It’s cool but my doctors said it won’t work as the eye’s of my androids

JVC Spec Site

Amazon cheapest $249

Here are some reviews.

Finally one that’s actually 1080p. Poopoo peepee.

Here is a video review/demo
[youtube=6wKTPxmDPOc] [/youtube]

Here is a short demo of the time lapse feature. 1 picture per 20 seconds over the course of 60 to 90 minutes.

what kind of lenses can you add to this while shooting, anything fancy?

im guessing no extenral mic input?

would be a good with a nice tripod. very tempting…

Not bad but there are two glaring negatives.

  1. It doesn’t Optical Stabilization. Instead, it uses a digital scheme JVC calls A.I.S. Generally speaking, Optical Stabilization is superior because Electronic/Digital Stabilization often adds noise and artifacts, especially in low light. JVC’s more advanced models use both Optical Stabilization and A.I.S.

  2. YOU CAN’T PAUSE WHILE RECORDING!!! This is a huge peeve of mine. The result is that you’ll end up with lots of little snippets of the same event, which wastes memory and is a hassle to play back. Of note, only Samsung digital still cameras (!) allow pausing during recording in this price range. Actually, their newer camcorders can also pause but inexplicably, older Samsung camcorders cannot even though their digital still cameras have had that ability for years.

Quick Start manual.

Detailed manual.

I can’t find any info on whether this 1080p recording is 30 frames per second or 60.

Can you?

Its a 1080p 60fps

Check this page, under specifications:

Been waiting for a decent low-end camcorder with HD video and memory card functionality. At 40% less than retail, this seems like an excellent opportunity to snag a refurb on the cheap. In for one.

I recently started a career in videography. Nothing fancy just a recreational center that wants to send their clients home with a DVD to remember how much they enjoyed themselves. I use a cannon vixia there and I LOVE it. Sadly, I don’t get to take it home for personal use.

I know this isn’t the same quality but I’m hoping its a good starter camera? You know for making music videos of my friends and stuff?

All the spec sheets I can find point out that it will display 1080/60p over the HDMI cable, but nowhere can I find a conclusive statement that it will record 1080/60p.

Given that it’s “UXP” mode is 24 Mbit, it would strongly suggest that it records 1080/60p, but it would be nice to have it confirmed in JVC’s manuals, or by someone who’s shot footage with the thing and examined the resulting files.

Also curious: There appears to be no “medium def” 720p recording mode.

Finally: Here’s a link to the detailed user guide (browseable Web pages, or downloadable PDF).

BTW, can anyone speak to the relative low-light performance between this camera and the Samsung HMX-Q10, which I snagged off Woot a while back? If the JVC is significantly better, that will influence my purchase decision.


Film the movie? That’s as dumb as saying tape a show on the DVR.

What about sound quality? Would this be a good camera for recording band rehearsal?

Does this have the ability to record in slow motion ?