JVC 47" or 42" 1080p HDTV



what kind of TV is it? is it just me or is it not mentioned anywhere? LED,LCD,PLASMA,DLP,E.T? ahhhhh

[MOD: It’s in the Specs. Panel Type: CCFL, LCD]


Not that good of a deal when you can get it NEW with FULL WARRANTY for $498.
Walmart offers the JVC 47" 1080p LCD HD Television, model no. JLC47BC3002, for $498 with free shipping. That’s $2 under our mention from two weeks ago and the lowest total price we could find by $181. Sales tax is added where applicable. It features a 1920x1080 (1080p) native resolution, USB, two HDMI inputs,60Hz refresh rate and more

It is still active price. See link.


Panel Type: CCFL, LCD


Voltage is rated at 100/240 V and frequency is 50/60 Hz which could make it usable in Europe. But it does not write PAL/SECAM so is only for North America?


I wonder why these are not eligible for SquareTrade warranty…


description says video viewing through USB on 47" only…
Specs say video viewing through USB on 42" only

Which is it??


It says picture viewing is 47" only.


I actually would of gotten one of these if i could of gotten a square trades warranty on it. The reviews on it are great for this price point.


In for one!

Been stalking this tv (the 42")since it last showed it’s face here and I was slow to the draw.

Amazon and Walmart both have the newer model (3002), and prices fluctuate through the day, hovering around $360-$380 at the low end for the 42". No reason to pay more than that, but it still pops up for $499 off and on. Third party seller fishing I guess.

Most people are attracted to this line for the 10Wx2 front firing speakers. What sets the older model apart is the inclusion of 4 HDMI connectors and 120hz refresh rate, as opposed to 2 HDMI and a 60hz rate for the newer model.

The older model receives rave reviews across the board, including a Consumer Reports Best Buy.
The newer model not so much.


This is why I purchsed the 42 in last time. I also had a concern about no Square Trade avaialblity but decided to take a chance. This is the first TV I have purchased from woot. They never let me down in all my years here so I was placeing my faith in that. So far the TV is excellent and working as it should. No complains here.


Thank you! That was just the post I was hoping to see. Anyone else have luck with the past woot?


We can’t add two different sales to the same SquareTrade offer. We’re waiting on an update from SquareTrade to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience.


So if we purchase this, is it possible that square trade warranty may be available in the near future?


I picked up the 42" model last time around. Excellent TV. The picture is great, and as reviews here and elsewhere have stated, the front-firing speakers produce excellent sound as compared to other TVs that I have seen and heard.



Well it’s a TV if you can plug it in at 220-240 volts in Europe …it will play whatever you hook it up to …like a video game, VHS :smiley: DVD , it’s like a monitor screen or if you plug a cable tv, HD box etc. same, i guess …


I do not own this model but, I have a 42" LCD JVC TV 1080i , I bought it back in 2007 and untill to these day, I’m watching it now, works flawless , great speakers sound , clear great colors gamma real colors no wash ups etc, I like it :smiley: I bet this new one here (new model) it’s a little more improved and better ! Good Luck! I love overall JVC TV’s I trust them:) and Sony , thats al li Buy :smiley: as a TV brand!


Got the 42" roughly two weeks ago from Woot! So far it’s been working well, though the 90 day warranty does concern me.

I’m content with just saying that at the end of the day it’s only stuff.


Bought the 42 inch a couple of weeks ago and very happy with it so far.


I don’t have any information on that. Sorry.