JVC 49" or 55" Class 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV



JVC 49" or 55" Class 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV


Do any professional reviews of these models exist anywhere? RTINGS doesn’t appear to have rated them, and I cannot find one.


Unless things have changed recently, JVC is above average quality. Like everything it’s made in China but it is still none the less a Japanese company.


Wouldn’t two different screen size tvs have two different sets of outside dimensions? I only see one set of dimensions listed. Could you please provide the with stand and without stand dimensions for the 49"? Thank you.


Got the in-laws a JVC 49 inch LCD about 5 years back. Nothing special, but sound is actually quite good, and it gets the job done.


I didn’t know JVC was still making TVs. Are these any good? Price for a 4K under $300 seems pretty unusual.

I’m still going strong with my circa-2007 Samsung 46" LCD, no need to upgrade.


its an Ultra HD, not actually 4K. they shouldn’t say 4K


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JVC Refers to them as 4K Ultra HD which is what we’re calling them as well.



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This site does a good job of explaining this.

TLDR: No, UHD is not quite true 4K. But basically every consumer “4K” panel is actually UHD. Nevertheless, 4K has become a consumer industry term and the manufacturers continue to use it interchangeably or in combination with UHD.

Edit: I would actually say Woot was more accurate with their description than JVC. They at least put 2160P in brackets in the title, which is the most correct representation of the resolution.


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The Walmart reviews make me want to run from this.


I got a new one of these (49") a few months ago from WalMart for $250.

I was very surprised by how beautiful the picture is and how good the sound is (comparing both to the name-brand HD set it replaces). We only use our amplifier and speakers for movies; the sound is totally fine for football or cooking shows (sorry, but we only watch those 3 things). Oh, and the TV reception (with an antenna for HD football) is better than the old set, too.

It is just “smart” enough to receive a ChromeCast; it has no other built-in apps and can’t spy on you. So you’ll want to “cast” it from your phone or tablet to the TV. We’ve only tried NetFlix and YouTube so far, but they worked pretty easily. Expect ChromeCast setup to take about 10 - 15 minutes; that’s what it took me, and I had never used or setup ChromeCast before.

The remote that comes with it has very few buttons. You can change channel up or down, adjust volume, and select an input. The surprise is there are no number buttons to select a channel directly; you’ll have to hit the “up” or “down” button enough times to go from one to the other. Since there are no buttons on the TV at all, you’ll need to keep the remote handy.

Logitech also may not have it in their universal remote control database; the support people helped me out (they have a very similar one they say is compatible), but I haven’t tested it yet to see how well it works. (Add an “A” to the end of the model.)

It has a USB port, but can only show photos from it. (I imagine it can also do a BIOS update from it.)

The only audio output is a headphone jack. The volume’s a little low when running it into an amplifier, but it sounds quite good, and the volume is adjustable from the remote.

I don’t know about reliability (I can say that ours has had zero problems, but that’s not so helpful.) Square Trade is your friend here.

The only other surprise I can think of is its wide stance: the feet are about 1 inch in from the ends of the set, so you may need to re-think your furniture if your old set is smaller or has a center stand.

Honestly, unless you want your TV to be “smarter” than this one, or need some other feature it doesn’t have, the picture and sound are so good and price so low that it’s a crazy good deal. I can’t remember the last time I bought something electronic and got such a pleasant surprise.