JVC 500-Watt Receiver with DVD Player



Froogle Link $185 Minium

Yahoo! Shopping Link $195 Minimum

Shopzilla Link $195 Minimum

Amazon Customer Review Link Average 4.5/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page


i wonder what progressive scan does


nah. i’ll stick with my yamaha.


cmon i want more POWER…Not for me… Exam in the morning…Night


Seems like a good price, froogles at $200+.


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JVC 500-Watt Receiver with DVD Player
$159.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 JVC RX-DV31SL 500 watt Receiver with DVD Player


Compared deal at SecretPrices

PriceGrabber Link Lowest $185 refurbished

Gets 4.5 of 5 from Amazon… Need a new DVD Player too… Hmm, might be a Woot for me.


$219.87 on Amazon.com, a retailer that offers a lot of different items


Great price compared to Froogle. Froogle cheapest $239


boo. stocked on DVD players.

maybe put up the usb cable that was missing from my linksys network kit!


i have one of these things…it’s called a laptop

nite nite


arrg decent price … nice woot.

Would be nice to save with woot including some speakers to save on shipping


nice woot. im in for one. my receiver went out recently and i was hoping for something like this. back to your electronic roots…THANKS WOOT!

Nelson Muntz
-Ha ha


Not a bad system at all, has most of the high dollar features for a respectable price.

Nite WOOT,

(Still waiting for you bag of crap.)


pogs? i’d buy if it came with that Nash pog


Looks like the heart of a HTIB system. Not a true 500 watts by real receiver standards, but then again look at the price for 5.1 and a DVD player.


no digital video recorder?? darn!


THe much anticipated… Jess’ version of ‘useful links’. Hope they help…
Nextag Link

BizRate Link… (couldn’t find it at first, but i got it.)

Shopzilla Link

MSN Shopping Link

The first woot in a while that my husband actually told me was a “dope a$$ woot”. Finally. Thanks woot. I haven’t seen him show this much emotion in years.


Need more bells and whistles. Too bad it doesn’t have DIVX support.