JVC 55" 1080p LED HDTV with Roku Stick

Which Roku Streaming Stick version is this? Is it the 2016 one (Part #: 3600R)? There is an older one that is slower.

Vendor looked but there’s no model number on the Roku stick. Sorry. :frowning:

Super bummed about this purchase. Was so excited to get a nice big TV for my family. First TV arrived with no Roku stick and a damaged screen upon startup. Customer Service was, as always, excellent in shipping out a replacement and setting up a return label and pickup via UPS for me. My replacement arrived one week later, even more damaged than the first one. This time the screen was visibly destroyed before even turning on the TV, as well as the corner being completely smashed with bits of broken plastic all in the box. FedEx is infamous for throwing/being rough with packages, but for such a large, fragile, expensive item, one would think that it would be packaged better than a piece of cardboard/Styrofoam on each corner. Especially the second time around! I hope others have better luck with their deliveries, I was really excited about this TV.

I’m very sorry.
Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

I did. While customer service was prompt and kind, I am still rather frustrated with the lack of effort to make the second shipment safer than the first. Also, after such a negative and expensive experience, an offer of free shipping on my next order within 30 days is almost a slap to the face. I will always recommend Woot for other services and goods, but after the TWO poorly packaged televisions, I don’t think large/fragile items are a wise choice in the future. Lesson learned! I’ll continue loving my woot shirts. <3