JVC 61 inch D-ILA High Definition TV



nice tv, but it is bigger than my room… :frowning:


At this size, I need 1080p.


YES!!! The Big Lebowski!
“Nobody f**ks with the jesus.”


Cranking links out with a touchpad and a MIMO network card courtesy of Woot! - sorry I’m a bit slow tonight :slight_smile:

Froogle: $1499.00
Deal.com: $1499 - 4700
Shopzilla: $1624 - 3500
Yahoo!: $1,595 - $2,736
Amazon: Item Currently Not Available but a couple of reviews…

Review by CNET: 7.0 out of 10


Excellent rating from Digitial & TV Sound

4 out 5 rating from ConsumerGuide

$1988 at Sprenzy 5 out of 5 stars from Amazon (2 reviews)

$1988 at Pricegrabber

The $1499 price from the Ritz Interactive sites (Ritz Camera, Wolf Camera, etc.) across all comparison sites are not valid.

Other 61+ inch projection TVs starting at $1400 (not necessarily D-ILA)


Some generally reliable Pricing…

SecretPrices … $1499

PriceGrabber … $1612

Froogle $1499

Prices don’t include shipping / tax.


A man licking his ball? Oh baby am I in for one of these!


Lol, hope that $5 shipping holds up!


Who are all these other people above me?!? Keep it down up there!!!

Froogle Link Minimum Price $1,332.63

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $1,594.99

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $1,624.00

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 3.5/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page


when i see that promo pic why is it i think K Rogers??


8 year olds, dude, 8 year olds


That’s none other than Jesus licking that ball.


Kudos on the screen image. Any chance this is the 3rd crap that wouldn’t fit in my box?


$1779 on Froogle new
$1449 refurb. Seems like a good deal with the shipping


Are you kidding me woot!? A 42 inch costs this much. What a deal!

What a woot!!!

: D


nobody f*ks with the jesus!


Don’t nobody mess with the Jesus, Man!


no 1080p…need it for my next big tv!


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JVC 61 inch D-ILA High Definition TV
$1,589.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 JVC HD-61Z886 61 inch D-ILA 720p High Definition TV