JVC Compact Camcorder


[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/JVC_Compact_Camcorder-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] Thursday, September 29, 2005


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kcmark found some revews on Circuit City’s web site.

Mike6 discusses the VHS-C format.

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What a great way to start off a Thursday Woot Special Delivery!

JVC Compact Camcorder $139.99 + $5 shipping

And don’t be fooled by fools promising better deals on other sites - this is a great woot offering!

In fact - this runs 200 bucks on other sites.


Oh, and don’t be fooled by copycats…

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WOOTAGRA ™ - What some have to take to stay up until midnight (Credit to shanhop) [:)]

JVC Compact Camcorder $139.99 + $5 shipping

Looks like the lowest price around for new is around $199.


I need a cheap 8mm to transfer all my old tapes to DVD…


It’s probably about as good a price as you can get used for the same item, so the fact that it’s refurbished wouldn’t stop me if I were in the market. On the other hand, bourbon street will not be like it was for quite some time, so who needs this thing anyway?


Awesome! Nice woot!

Stanek, quit looking at woot and get back to work!


shitty camcorder… I own one.


old technology + refurb = shivers down my spine


Aww it is not cool of it is not digital! What is this analog you speak of!?

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wow antique woot?


i have one already.
good price. Woot I need a DVD recorder – not a computer one – a standalone.
so’s i can record tv.


seems nice but I’m still recovering from buying the 6800.


This is a good price…
Finally a woot that we can appriciate.


Woot! A DVR!.. What? It’s not a DVR?



Is that a video of a coked up owl?

Not a bad price though for a camcorder, even if it uses vhs-c.


Would love to have a camcorder…but I think I’ll wait for one from this millenium, thanks…


Another offering from the Woot! Vault…

This one’s a classic, folks

Not bad for an entry-level decent little camera. Tape goes right in your vcr with the right adapter.


wow good price! its too late woot!! why cant u have this like a week ago!


$79 woulda been a good prce for this. I just think you can find a DV for about the same price nowadays. I’m sure it’s a good camera though, and for someone looking for a good toss-around for good times this would probably work.