JVC Everio 120GB Full HD Camcorder

Nice camcorder! HD is teh futurez.

I think you all should buy like three of them and help out the “Needy video taping munchkins society”.

I would add a price comparison within this post but I don’t know how to link a url. cries

Wheres my Roomba?

Perhaps this might explain why you have zero quality posts.

Not that I have any either…

You know, it’s true. The Irish rock. If you don’t believe me, listen to Fairytale of New York.

I have 17 of these.

dear woot,

i want to buy stuff from you. what happened to the days where you had stuff for under 100 bucks? i miss you.



Maybe Woot! wants us to start our own Movie/T.V. Studio with them.

Congratulations. I doubt that will help you get a BoC, though.

My camcorder is still working great. Here’s a picture of me using it:


here is what amazon says…


over $100 more there

There is a sample video from this camera on youtube here:

For every Pogues, there is a Cranberrys to lower the Irish rockage bar.


$404.96 w/ Free shipping at Buy.com so basically same price

Never mind slightly differant model…I Fail :frowning:

cheaper here by $20- http://www.6ave.com/shop/Product.aspx?sku=JVCGZHM320BK

I would nice if we had some kind of information of focusing. There’s nothing in the description, not even the usual autofocus. Woot, does thing not focus? Are you selling a product that will record everything in a blur?

Experts agree, the market for hd Camcorders is projected to grow almost 1000% within the next six months. Therefore, I suggest that everyone buy 3 of these and sell them for ten times what you bought them for.