JVC Everio 2MP 4GB Microdrive Camcorder


Saturday, January 14, 2006


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[]p1, DocThan provides an Amazon link and user review.
]p2, grimor opines on the risks of microdrives.
[]p2, LadyPixel corrects GeneralMischief’s posting for the wrong product on Amazon.
]p2, yeahright shares his personal experience with this camcorder.
[]p2, ljunger says he tested it and “the optical zoom is awesome”.
]p2,Tuan234 goes froogling.
[]p4, darkfrog posts info because he wishes “people would quit bashing on products soley because they are refurbished”.
]p4, jtoc expands on darkfrog’s refurb comments.
[*]p4, tervel is really down on JVC products.



Interesting woot. Wish i could get a hdd encloser for those 250gb hdds the other night… Some nice stackable ones like this maybe: Link


Sony please.


Nice camcordder but too much for my wallet.


first page<br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>




Good woot, too expensive for me


See, it’s skeptics like you who so often overlook the real, rodent drama that was presented in the original trilogy, Gerbilfights I through III. I highly recommend that you purchase the set off Amazon, it is far better than the later additions to the series.


smokessssssssssss… gotta think about this.


I do need a new camcorder!


What a good price!


Sounds good!


a microdive in a camcorder? not sure it’s really a good idea…




Thats alot for a camcorder… I Must Pass


Very cool but out of my price range. Too bad…



I’ve had a JVC before and all sorts of little quirks (had to have it plugged in for the 1394 to work, etc.) … anyone know if they’ve got the bugs worked out of this one?


Nice woot, but way too much $$$ for me. Nite all.


ewww 2mp? thnx to expensive~
and ref…