JVC Everio 30GB Digital Camcorder with 1.07MP CCD and 32X Optical Zoom

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New JVC Everio 30GB Digital Camcorder with 1.07MP CCD and 32X Optical Zoom, for $299.99 + $5 shipping
2 different products:[list][] 1x JVC GZ-MG435 (US) Everio 30GB Digital Camcorder with 1.07MP CCD, 32X Optical Zoom
] 1x Everio Dock
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No reviews on Amazon yet…

There are a couple really good reviews on ALAtest as well…


Hmm… J&R and Amazon both list it at $599…

Looks like a great deal considering nextag shows this at $400 or more… anyone have one and can tell of it performance?

why does it just say “MEGAPIXEL” on the side? 1 megapixel? =P

Within the last 10 minutes, my son asked me “Can you get a pretty good video camera for $300?”


Anyway, I told him No, they don’t cost that much.

Sweet now I can film, move to hollywood and say good buy to this hick town!!

Yeee haaa

So does this record HD? Or just SD?

It doesn’t say HD anywhere on the spec sheet that I saw, but I don’t see why a 16:9 screen would be on a SD recorder. Lemme look at the specs again…

Wouldn’t this be just like buying a brand new standard definition TV? A brand new camcorder aleady outdated before you even buy it… Flushing 100 dollar bills in the commode is what i see. Agent1

It’s not HD.
It’s also not a tape so not worth it.

You can do better.

I ordered 3, now I’m just waiting on my government bailout

Any reviews on this? Looking for a new digicam, and this is the right price point for me.

cnet review

JVC is no good.
I had one like this and nothing but problems. Sent it in for warranty work and they kept it for six months. They said the warranty stated “if they could not repair it, THEN they would replace it”. So they intended to keep it indefinitely until they could find out what was wrong. I had to get a hold of the North America regional mgr. to get anything done. The camera was, somewhat, repaired not replaced…

I’d assume SD as it’s a 1 something megapixel camera… gross

Spend the extra money and find a 3 CCD camera. You will get the best quality. I personally wouldn’t buy anything less, no matter how cheap

I have this one and I really like it. Don’t have to convert it before you import into a video editing program as with the cassette tape cameras. The photos are mediocre though. You’re better off with a decent digital camera.

It is not HD as someone was asking. It does video in widescreen 16:9 as well as standard 4:3.

I bought mine at BestBuy about a year ago with the protection plan and it wound up costing around $600. Definitely a great buy here. The only issue I have is the battery time. You’ll definitely want an additional battery or a larger capacity replacement.

ya know a video signal can be digital and still be SD. This would NOT be a waste simply because it shoots in SD. Its still a digital signal and would retain quite a bit of quality in 16x9 when viewing on an HD set.