JVC Everio External USB DVD Burner

not 1st


holy bag of crap I was 1st

Does this rewind DVDs? I can never seem to find a DVD rewinder


This would have been cool 4 years ago.

Seriously, who doesn’t have a DVD burner?

Is anyone else’s Wootalyzer kaput? Mine was working last night just fine, even when nothing else seemed to be, but has not at all today [sigh]

Can I write to 5 1/4" floppies with this?

Good for netbooks?

Not compatible with Windows 7?

Looks like it is time to call it a night.
This ugly clunker isn’t going to sell out anytime soon.

Maybe if it were a dual layer dvd burner I would take it, but a regular dvd burner? meh

Just bought a computer with a dual layer blu-ray burner… This is a good deal though!!

Holly stand still Batman!

great for tweens with netbooks

It will be out in under 20 min.

Has this woot off really gone 18 hours without a netbook? Seems like you’d want one to match with this DVD burner…

Mine worked earlier today, but shut down a few hours ago.

Mine is working fine. Good to know the% sold and time left.