JVC Everio HD Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom

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JVC Everio HD Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Same $119.99 last August, but now black is a 4th color choice:


Here they were in the last woot-off But you get more color choices this time

My comments last woot:

Product page:

with your choice of manuals, the full one for example:


and 2 reviews:

obselete, as far as i’m concerned.
your current smartphone will have you covered for video recording needs most of the time.
in the coming years it will replace the camcorder and camera all together i think. At that point, this becomes nothing more than a relic.
who wants to fumble around with a video camcorder anymore?

less than stellar reviews on amazon. one reviewer p.o’d that mac wasn’t supported; another about clunky software and poor battery life (tho’ s/he said video quality was decent).

No Mac, no Woot. (and it sounds like the battery life is not good, and uses the stinking .mts file BS, which really sucks to edit on any program - PC or Mac)


I bought one of these last time around from Woot! … great little camera. Good quality.

Yea but can you spy on someone from the town over with your puny smartphone? I think not!

erm… ok. excluding the creepers, not worth it, IMO.
not unless you can get one of these for a disposable price. I’m talking around $50.
oh, and you have to tack on some extra cash anyway to buy a big enough memory card for some good recording time. at least 8 or 16gb. which can run anywhere from 15-30 dollars if i’m not mistaken. has to be a higher speed card

“No Mac, no Woot. (and it sounds like the battery life is not good, and uses the stinking .mts file BS, which really sucks to edit on any program - PC or Mac)”

I can edit mts or ADVC,etc. real time on my PC with GrassValley Edius NEO2. Look it up. Neo is not the pro vesion, Edius 6 is. 90% of us have PCs, so your out of luck. I also know a lot of guy’s that use Bootcamp on their macs, cause they know mac sucks for not having the software they really need.

At least two reasons. Most non-video cameras, especially DSLRS, cannot continuously autofocus during video. On a cheap camera or on a phone, you just forget about the image being sharp and live with it. Or on a DSLR you learn the arcane art of manual focus pulling, which in a lot of cases is not practical.

Another is recording time. Most quality non-video cameras, especially DSLRs, won’t let you record very long before the card must be changed. This is a big problem for concerts, plays, interviews, and other long form recordings where you can’t plan on an optimal dead time for a card change. A camcorder like this one has long continuous recording options.

If you fall into those two groups you still want a camcorder.

I have an older model Everio and I love it. By older model, it is at least 5 years old and still goes strong. Easy to take the vids off the camera and edit with Roxio or Adobe. Can’t say much about this Woot camera, but no doubt I would buy a JVC again. They are superb cameras. I’m thinking about buying this to have around as an extra. Only thing is I’d need to buy a video card and there is the same model, new, with a 4 gig card, case, tripod for 184 on a web seller.
JVC is an excellent camera. I can’t seem to break mine.

User guide

Detailed video demos

Specs comparison

I would never rely on a smartphone for capturing special moments be it video or photography - most obvious noted is weddings, babys first steps, school plays, family reunions, etc. Smartphones do not have the higher zooms and megapixels that a camcorder does. Not to mention if you have a wife and dare to whip out the smartphone for any special video moments (not those moments - well - maybe those moments - lol) - youre likely to get smacked.

When looking at the mfg website, this model does NOT have any built in memory. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY AN SDHD MEMORY CARD BEFORE YOU CAN USE IT.

Use a Class 4 or higher compatible SDHC card (4 GB to 32 GB) for video

You can also use a Class 10 compliant SDHC/SDXC card.

Use a Class 4 or higher compatible SDXC card (Max. 64 GB).

Using SD cards (including SDHC/SDXC cards) other than those specified
above may result in recording failure or data loss.

Class 4 and Class 6 are guaranteed to have a minimum transfer rate of 4
MB/s and 6 MB/s respectively during reading or writing of data.

the battery life on these is ridiculously short. i own one and do not recommend it. fully charged battery may last you 15-20 minutes. not worth it

I have an older version of this i got for around 400 dollars a few years ago. The hd quality is amazing. Although yes smart phones can record they lack the resolution this offers. If you make homemade movies or even just film your kids for sports i’d get this.

I bought one of these in August from the last woot deal. I have to say that I enjoy it a lot. It has good quality film, fits nicely and comfortably in my hand, and has a good smooth zoom. You do have to be extremely steady when zoomed in all the way, or else you are going to get dizzy watching the footage. I haven’t had any problem with short battery life, but I don’t use it for long periods at a time. So far I use it mostly to film my newborn at around 10mins max on a clip. For me, I would choose this over flip camera or my phones cam just because I like the fluid zoom and hand strap. All in all, this is a pretty sweet cheap little camcorder.
Hope my two cents helps in any way.