JVC Everio HM50 HD Camcorder w/40x

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He is amazing.

Awesome review!

Since this camcorder does not include external microphone input, I have lost interest since I’m all about audio quality.

720p? Bleh.

No option for an external mic? Bleh.

Give me a camcorder with those options and I’d go for it!

I added a mic input to it. It was not too hard, but it was annoying.

I own two of these now.

The front assembly with the lens shutter comes off with a few screws (the four in the corner of the LCD door when the door is open, one on the bottom and the front one on the side with the hand strap. )

When you remove this you will find the shutter comes out with a screw or two and the mic is just there friction fit soldered onto the end of one of those orange plastic ribbon cables. It is a mono attachement.

Sand a small bit off the lip of where the lens cover connects to the body so you have room for this cable to fit through without being pinched in two, flip it down, reassemble, and desolder the mic. Solder in a socket. Use some very flexible tiny wire for the leads. Remember polarity is important here. I added a two way 1/8" phono jack so that it would use a new and better “internal” mic, or the jack, depending on what is plugged in. Mounted it in a box from some beads my daughter was getting rid of. Attached it with foam tape. Added an extender to the screw hole (from mcmaster carr) for the tripod mount since it was too low now to use.

The annoying bit is I broke the lead a few times (it is delicate) it took me a while to figure out how to mount the box without tearing out my solder joint, so I had to sand the cable, expose more copper, carefully solder on the wires again … If you are not good with a soldering iron this might not be for you, but I got all the parts at a local radio-shack.

Having said that, this works dandy.

Here is a video I made with a wireless lavaliere mic plugged into this camera.


This camera is not worth all that trouble. Wow.

I don’t know. $12 or so in parts later and I have something very nice that does what I want at the price I want.

I agree that a mic input is needed for really good videos, but you sure expect a lot for $120, don’t you?

The buyers of this camera want shots of little Freddie blowing out a birthday candle and the dog snoring on the day-bed.

Not sure what you’re expecting out of a cheap camera like this… I do own this camera off of a previous woot and it’s awesome. The quality is great… and even though there’s no external mic I always have great sound quality. I mean… this isn’t for shooting movies that will hit the theatres… this is for personal use… and it’s cheap. If you want something big box and fancy, go pay the ridiculous price. If you want a great camera at a fractional cost, buy this one. I <3 it.

Sure seems to be worth it to the person who did the work.

From someone who lacks the tech skills to do this,nice job.

@ghengis: I don’t get why others are hassling you for having the knowledge and initiative to add a mic jack to this camera. Brilliant! You’ve made a low-end consumer camera much better for anyone else wanting that capability. By the way, the candy video was fascinating.

Can someone who owns one of these attest to the ease/difficulty of turning it on and recording? I’d like to mount this camera on a bow, but when I’ve got deer coming in I can’t be fiddling with all sorts of menus and options. Can I pretty much just turn it on and start recording, or is it more involved than that? Thanks!

At this price point you are going to find many things missing that you will find on a medium to higher end camcorder. But this is a very good baseline and entry level camcorder at a very good price. Lowest I have been able to find today for the same camera is, $173.00 over at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004LB5AJK/ref=asc_df_B004LB5AJK2186910?smid=A1TV2IZBMIOEFC&tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395105&creativeASIN=B004LB5AJK&hvpos=1o3&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2144425968694319217&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=
And that is for a new camera. They also offer a refurb for $140. That is more than this new one on woot by $20 and I do not believe free shipping is included so Woot would beat them on the shipping also. You are just not going to get steak for hamburger prices. But that doesn’t make hamburger bad by any means. After all, it is what it is. Something I find very impressive on this camera at this price point is true ‘optical zoom’ rather than digital zoom. If someone is looking for something basic at a very good price, this would be hard to beat. Add the optical zoom and it is a pretty nice little package at a very good price. ‘Apples to apples’, this is a darn good and brand new entry level camcorder at a price lower than the same refurb camera on Amazon. Owners reviews tend to give the camera high marks also.

I got a JVC Everio back in 2008, it was great. BUT they make you install their software to get the files onto your computer. Plus they use the dreaded MOD, if you plan on editing any of this footage do not get this camera! You will have problems!

does anyone know the speed of this camcorder? (fps)

Does anyone know if you still have to install JVC’s software?

Edit: I answered my own question. Summarizing a previous forum post (thanks @whatsamattaU), the AVCHD Lite codec this device uses is difficult to work with, especially if you’re using a Mac.