JVC Everio Share Station DVD Burner

Much better reviews for the CUVD20 on Amazon

It is 10 better than the other one!

Could I just use this as an external optical drive for my netbook?

Yes, according to Amazon

The CUVD10US website, and the CUVD20US website.

Am I the only person who saw these from the main site and thought, “what on earth is Woot doing selling VHS rewinders?”

Was sold on the -20 as a burner for the infrequent times I want to burn something from my netbook as well as a cheap DL burner since I don’t yet have one, until I noted the lack of DVD+R and +R DL media compatibility in the listing. Maybe I’m prejudiced but I prefer the optimistic media.

Why would it matter? When I looked into it last more dvd players were compatible with +R media if you burn videos… and one of my pcs burns -R wayyyy slower than +R so I buy +R now.

Oh my… yes I looked at them and kinda did a double take… um… I dont have VHS tapes any more… lol

Because apparently people still use Windows 2000.
What is this… 2000?

This is a must have if you bought the Everio. Windows movie maker does not like the .mod extension very well (proprietary to JVC). This coverts it for you so you can burn it to a DVD. This makes your life a whole lot easier.

Will it burn Blu-Ray?

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JVC Everio Share Station DVD Burner [Refurbished] - $19.99 + $5 shipping

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Am I correct that this won’t burn Dual-Layer DVDs?!.. The specs seem to point that out specifically :frowning:

Not at all.

The -20 does dual layer, the -10 does not.

These are poor choices for general use USB optical drives. They support only the older -R disc format and have slow read and burn speeds. Playability of these discs in other standalone players may be problematic.

According to the JVC sites linked to earlier, yes than can be used as standard drives on a PC. For that usage, note that they are bulkier, don’t record to +R media and require power from the wall. New drives designed for standard use often won’t have those limitations. It may be an oversight, but the JVC site doesn’t specify that they can read +R media either. A major limitation in my opinion.

I wouldn’t bet my body parts on it, but since Model 20 does dual-layer, it most probably does DVD+R too, since DVD-DL is a derivative of DVD+R.

Edit: I see that JVC’s website (and therefore Woot’s) say DVD-R DL. That looks like a misprint.

Another edit: Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page on DVD+R DL, which I found by searching for “dual layer DVD.”

The final edit (I promise): Since the Wikipedia link does mention DVD-R DL, I googled “do dvd-r dl discs exist,” and found this Link. Ugh - I wouldn’t use this for dual-layer then.

The instruction manual says it does -DL. Why would burning -DL indicate it can use +R as well? -DL is a derivative of -R and +DL is a derivative of +R.

According to Wikipedia, at least.

Any foreseeable problems on a Netbook with Windows 7 Ultimate?