JVC Everio Share Station DVD Burner

Oh… well. Seems like you have to plug this one in to get it to work. No dl, no dvd+. You know, a new burner that’s all spanky is like $50. More for Blueray.

See the edit to my post. I didn’t realize that DVD-R DL discs even existed (they’re extremely hard to find, and most dual-layer burners aren’t compatible with them). I stand corrected, but these discs have loads of problems - I’d stay away.

p.s. good thing I didn’t bet my body parts! :chaching:

I have never seen a single DVD-DL anywhere, ever.
I have also never seen a single (or pack of) DVD+DL for a decent price anywhere, ever.
Seriously, they got the Dual-Layer market in a choke hold.

You will not be able to make copies or backups of DVD movies on original disk with this, it will not remove copy protection

That’s what I couldn’t think of!!! I knew it was something from my child hood, but kept thinking of one of my first “walk mans”

That’s unfortunate. If the -DL discs are hard to find then that pretty much eliminates the DL potential of this drive. :frowning:

TDK or Memorex DVD+R DL can be had for a decent price (around half a buck). The highly regarded Verbatims are expensive.

As far as the JVC burner, if it really only does take DVD-R DL (as the website says), realize that even if you find the expensive discs, they probably won’t play on anything but this drive. $20 is still a good price for a spare drive, but stick with the DVD-R single layer. I’ve used both DVD+R and DVD-R, and both are reliable.

Okay, so it seems the 20us burner goes for anywhere between $60 - $200 on various sites so I’m sold!! Even if it’s a disappointment and I feel like I wasted $25, someone might be willing to to pay $50 for a used DVD burner.

In for 1 of the '20s… I’ve personally grown to prefer -r media anyway, specifically Taiyo Yuden discs. This will be fine to keep for my netbook. Yes, it’s not as portable but the price is right, and 99% of the time I don’t need it anyway. Just for installing programs and the like.

I’m sure this will read +r discs, just probably not write them.

IS there an option to burn in PAL or NTSC?

They really aren’t that expensive! Go look on Amazon or Ebay. You don’t have to get an Asus or Dell one.

Anyone know if these can burn copyright protected dvd’s? Not that I would EVER do something illegal… just wondering… :stuck_out_tongue:

FINALLY Now maybe my MG70u will be compatible enough to put various video’s together. I’ve been waiting nearly 7 years… I can hopefully start moving crap off my hard drives and on to dvds.

Got the 20… lets hope it works

After the fun experience I had with JVC’s so-called ‘customer care’ department a few years back, I wouldn’t touch ANYTHING from this company with a 20 foot pole.

You want 1 JVC Everio Share Station DVD Burner(s).

* Your first JVC Everio Share Station DVD Burner selection is invalid (unavailable in CUVD20US).

O well I wanted the DL one so no DVD burner for me.

I think Woot missed a chance to unload a bunch of refurb Everio camcorders on the same day these items were offered.

Woot may now give me credit for free Marketing Advice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the product design of the CUVD10US is heinous

I wanted the 20us also. too bad for me I guess.

Guys, I bought the 20… but only cause I like the look of it better. The 20 DL is worthless to us cause you cannot find a DL -r anywhere. IF you DO find one, its ridiculous price.

The 10 does EVERYTHING the 20 does except the DL. But as I said above. DL is impossible to find in an -r.

Anyone have experience with these AND the JVC everio camera?

I’m curious what the easiest way to get the files into a useable form for any windows software to be able to create videos from.

Thanks all!

But this one goes to 11.