JVC Everio Share Station DVD Burner

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JVC Everio Share Station DVD Burner [Refurbished] - $12.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * JVC CUVD10US Everio Share Station DVD Burner

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JVC Everio Share Station DVD Burner
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 JVC CUVD10US Everio Share Station DVD Burner

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Am I alone here?



Is there really use for this any more? Good pice though.

Meh, what’s the point? Almost every PC out there has a DVD burner installed already.

alone in what purchasing this or just posting in the forum?

In on one

So wait it says dvd play back via everio or video out, does this have a pop up lcd?
or is it just meaning you can watch a dvd on the camera thats not includes screen?? it says envior or however its spelled is the camera called the same??

This would be the diffrence in selling 1 or a thousand portable dvd player burner for 13 bucks hell yeah!
But i fear u need the camera of same name

Nope. :slight_smile: I think I was just stunned into silence by the external DVD burner. I mean, 5 years ago this might have made sense. Can I use it as an external drive for my netbook? Doesn’t look like it.

If your not super tech savie and your dvd drive goes out on your computer this could come in handy.

Had an old computer with an unstandard drive that went out. I just went with an external. So that’s one use.

Why isn’t the little light spinning?

netbooks and the mac book air.


yes that is what it means, if you’ve got the everio video camera you can use it’s view screen or its video out plug to watch DVDs via this drive.

you can use it as an external usb burner for any pc netbook laptop desktop , not sure on mac but anything that has a usb port

Thanks for the link. That will clear a lot of things up.

I wasn’t even thinking of the netbook when i was looking at this. Thanks! In for one.

Reviews note that it can be VERY picky about what brands it will use, and will only work with one format: DVD-R, IIRC.