JVC GZMC200 Digital Camcorder w/4GB Microdrive

Doesn’t look very comfortable to hold.

wow that thing looks deceptively big…does it have any internal memory?

SecretPrices $484 - 15% off coupon = $381 (refurbished) / $549.99 (new)

PriceGrabber $529 (new) / $399 (refurbished)

Froogle $649

Nice camera…looks good. I would love this if I didn’t already have a nicer Sony model.

Oh yeah…this is a great product but it will be gathering dust in three months. NOBODY wants to watch your sorry-ass home movies. Yeah, your kid and your dog are cute…buy the WOOT printer and digital camera and you will be fine.

Sweet cam with good creds, keep it real and that thing is pretty suhweet but expensive for me

Does it even have a CCD chip in it or just a ‘mode’??

Only 60 minutes of vid? I would have to show the family reunion ESPN style…

Only 60 mins of video? And no firewire?

For 360 smackaroos?

Gonna have to pass on this one W00T… doesn’t meet specs…

and I’m not even going to say it’s refurb also…

Oh boy! Here comes another fine jewel of a product from JVC! I wouldn’t touch their cameras with a ten foot poll. Just do a google search for JVC camera and problems… Poor quality, and even more poor customer service, that in shoft is JVC where it comes to camcorders…

froogle prices

from beach audio $959.99

B&H Photo-Video $849.95

All items from seller

Hellllll no. This is the first salvo in what will be an all out war in HDD camcorders.
If you have the means, a Panasonic PV-GS300/500 blows this out of the water in quality, features, ease of use, and image sharpness. It’s mini DV too.

I brought this camera like 6 months ago for around $800, price seems to drop rapidly now. Great video quality but it’ll eat up a lot of space on best mode. Pictures are ok but has visible noise no matter how the lighting is. Not ideal for pics at all. Overall it seems like a great price.

This is actually a nice camera. I don’t think you could get it new for nearly the same price as the woot, especially with a 4GB microdrive included.

Amazon link and customer reviews


nice camera, but a refurbished 4gb microdrive scares me

Im suprised woot would charge that much for a camcorder. it’s nice, but you can get a cheaper digital one @ target

I’m not saying JVC sucks, but their first hard rive models that came out kinda suck…if you really want one go with the newer 30gb models like the JVC GZMG77US. Its more expencive, but its 3CCD and its compatible with the docking staion (which rocks!)

Someone mentioned how big this was, look at the detail image to see how tiny it really is, you cant compare this to a Mini-DV cam - just the tape mechanism itself in those cameras is bigger than this entire camera, and who doesnt have a ton of CF and SD cards laying around already. Id rather carry a bag of cards around than have to lug around a bunch of tapes. And BTW - last time I checked Mini-DV tapes only held 60 minutes of video as well.