JVC PICSIO 1080P HD Camcorder

Brand new on amazon for $134.82, only 5 left in stock.

3 stars on Buzzillions. Decent.

i think its a pretty decent pocket camcorder with stabilization support… the only drawback is that it has an internal battery… not sure how easy would it be to replace it when battery goes dead.

I bought one of these for $200 from Wal-mart. Found it VERY disappointing. In anything but the brightest sunlight, there wasn’t enough light to record.

Picture quality was less than impressive. Returned it pretty quickly.

It’s now on clearance for $108 at my local Wal-mart.

another one, shot at night:

indoor, but in bright light (as per description):

Typically when you see 1080P as it relates to TVs and MOST camcorders, it means 1920x1080. These, and a few other camcorders record at a maximum resolution of 1440x1080

So it’s got digital image stabilization and digital zoom only. No optical functionality for these and no one is dissapointed?

Is it really legal to call this 1080p without the 1920 horizontal pixels? I don’t think so. You can call this 1440x1080 resolution, but this is far from the same resolution dimensions of your 1080p widescreen TV whose resolution is 1920x1080.

It also says 16x9 in the description, but 1440x1080 is 4:3. So this thing should be selling for under $50.00.

Watched some of the youtube videos, and I’m no expert, but it looks like the shape of the “camcorder” gives people shaky hands.

Not all pixels are square.

Standard-definition-video DV format, for example, can have pixels that are either thiner (if it’s 4:3) or wider (if it’s 16:9) than they are tall.

1440x1080 is perfectly normal for Panasonic’s DVCPro HD and Sony’s XDCAM HD high-definition formats (the ratio is called HD anamorphic 1.3333).

cheaper here, but not sure about shipping to your area, or if they even ship to your area. We bought one a week ago and I think I may need a firmware update, I hope. When you zoom in the image quality kinda sucks, but when you’re fully zoomed out it’s top notch. This is in relatively low light though. Haven’t had it outside yet. For the price it’s great, you’ll need a SDHC card though.

Firmware Update

Stores to SDHC cards (good) but has 90 minutes battery life.

90 minutes battery life before you need to recharge. Not good, or no good for me.

I could not agree more. I hate mine because my hand is so shaky when I use it. When I use my other camcorder, my hand is much more stable. The shape of this camcorder does not help at all.

yes 1440x1080p is considered 1080p, the horizontal resolution “stretches” to fill the whole width of 1920 (not really; actually the pixels aren’t square, they are rectangular, so the “displayed” resolution is 1920x1080 square pixels.)

Anyone who’s owned a pocketcam knows that their primary drawback – among many more – is the usual dependence upon a built-in mic, and the resulting ambient noise, as well as mechanical and handling noise that results.

I will never buy another pocketcam that doesn’t support an external microphone.

I just received mine today. Finally I found a use for those Kingston 4GB mini-sdhc cards that so many devices and card readers seemed to reject…

I’m not wild that it’s refurbished; I didn’t remember seeing that or I might have bought a new one instead. The camera looks pretty good, however the LEFT key is a little difficult to push (to change resolution). Perhaps I’ll send it back.