JVC UX-N1W Micro Component Audio System



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JVC UX-N1W Micro Component Audio System
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
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just when you thought things were getting good… woot pulls this one out… yipes… hotness… well, you know the drill… check useful linkage for the comparison links… in the end, its a good deal… and that’s what matters most on a Wednesday nite.


hhmmm… JVC… No thanks… :frowning:


Google Product Search!


JVC isn’t a bad brand.

Wake-up Volume? So this is an alarm clock ? Not seeing a clock.


No thanks… I have more audio gear than I need anyway… Gonna skip this woot… And I really cannot afford it after the PCTV… GL to you all who want it.


$50 isn’t bad for a combo stereo. Is it wireless? Not a big fan of JVC, but its a pretty good price. Anyone have one of these?


Awful review on Amazon - staying away.



sexy little thing this is… has audio in for all you mp3 (ipod/iphone) owners


so, tell me, exactly, WHY someone would buy this?

mk just wondering.



How do these sound?

I want one but I want to wait to hear some reviews, however, I have work 9-5 tomorrow so I want to know what the odds of selling out are.

However, I’m not quite sure what I’d do with another CD player, truthfully.


first sucker!
perfect for my office and super cheap!


not iphone!
iphone has it’s own headphone jack
you would probably have to ghetto-rig the plug


woot sez:

“Front Audio Input for easy connection with a digital audio player”

when everywhere else they say that all of the input connectors are analog. Like, are they confused or what? I simply do NOT want analog input - either coax or optical; analog sucks.


If I lived in the US I’d buy one… $75 at amazon


i dunno
to listen to MUSIC!!!


i’ll pass on this deal… Good for the spare room, or that gift at the office at x-mas tim


does the Tuner do both am/fm ?