jWIN AM/FM Radio Sports Headphones - 2-Pack



Please do not tap on the glass

Froogle Link Minimum Price $7.99 X 2 = $15.98

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $10.57 X 2 = $21.14


worst woot every nominee fo sho! can’t really find useful links for this product… but here’s something similar and useful.

Compare AM/FM Headphones on BizRate… all under $30

or… THIS PRODUCT on Shopzilla… lowest is $11… but i doubt you really want it.

AM/FM Headphones on MSN Shopping… decent prices.

… sorry for the less useful ‘useful links’… i do the best with what i’m given… enjoy.


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jWIN AM/FM Radio Sports Headphones - 2-Pack
$6.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 jWIN JX-H77 AM/FM Radio Sports Headphones


Not a bad price at all, but I gave up on these type of radios long ago. :frowning:


omg these looks so funny…and soooo cheap.


Looks slightly interesting, would have been nice if they had a regular headphone jack, too


wow, those look ridiculous. just get wireless logitech.


The headphones look like they’re attached to tampons.

Anyone know how long the batteries in them last?


Wow! 30 megawatts of pure jWIN audio! I bet that’s the max rating and not RMS… What a rip off…


couldnt you use these with an fm transmitter / modulator attachment for an mp3 player?

would be cheap wireless headphones


Are these even worth anything?


MP3 compatible?



Do these things have a regular headphone jack to plug into other devices too (such as an mp3 player)?


I think that JWin is French for YORX



So wait, you want to plug headphones into the headphones? I must be missing something here. :slight_smile:


What does “analog” mean?


Do you wear your ipod around your ears?


I think it’s GPX…


That’s 30 MILLIwatts of pure JWIN audio!