K Vintners Syrah - Three Pack

K Vintners Syrah - Three Pack
$56.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
3 2006 Mildebrandt Syrah

Damn… wrong again x2!

Link to CT above.

Hovering around that 90pt mark in CellarTracker with an average price per bottle just over $26.

Winery Website

Recent article about K by Robert Parker.

Episode 549 of Wine Library TV with Charles Smith from 10/1/08.

Top 10 Syrah in America according to their web site… Also claim an interesting combination:

  1. Smoke 2. Soy sauce 3. Cured black olives 4. Black pepper 5. White pepper 6. Black raspberries 7. Red raspberries 8. Stone 9. Dried meat 10. Violets

Should be interesting to get the scoop from wooters “in the know!”


Sounds good based on CT and I haven’t had a WA Syrah, but 3 of a kind, I can’t do. Any NC or DC/NoVA folks want to split a set?

(K vintners - aarrgghh - resistance is futile…)

question for the winemaker/winery:

the woot notes make no reference to cooperage. could you please comment on how long this juice rested in the barrel & what types of barrels (new/old, French/American) it rested in? thanks!

Cesar (not Cesare) brought some of these to CWWT #3(?). Different single vineyard, but it was a knock-you-on-your ass wine.

Not bad for the Gros(s) Syrah, not bad at all. Looks like ol’ dad can still make it work once in a while.

This is a coup, WD. Very impressive!

Check the name, please, wine.woot folk. I believe the name of the wine is Milbrandt. Can you make sure that what you have is correct (it looks different on the label you show as well).

(follow-on question)

… and, since there are 3 of a kind here, can you provide us with your guesstimate for this wine’s drinkability window?

Oh, I am so in!
This is a smoking deal for WA syrah. I will forgive the Duke reference, being of the other blue…

Nice jerb there cooneym11 for picking up on the clue.

This from their website about the 2005 vintage:

Wine Enthusiast
2005 Milbrandt Syrah

Score: 90
Region: Walla Walla Valley

Fruit-forward, spicy and appealing, this is consistent with previous editions of this popular wine. Since 2005 is a particularly good year, this has more concentration and fruit power than usual. I particularly like the tight blackberry core, wrapped in leaf and showing a lot of earthy flavors. The 30% new oak is folded into the wine, not dominant, and it finished with good focus, purity and balance.

Much of what I heard and read about your winery is that you tend to make more terroir-driven and restrained Syrah than is typical for west coast. Can you speak about this vineyard in particular and how this vintage relates to 2005?

Easy pass for me. SIWBM. Not a huge syrah fan. 3 of a kind. Etc.

I live in Walla Walla where this is made. We have a lot of great wines here and this is one of them. Buy up people…you will not be disappointed!!

This would make you a Syrah fan. K Vintners is AWESOME. You’re really missing out on this one. I am trying to not order wine, and this was an easy purchase for me. I’ll be laughing all the way to my liver transplant!

“So you want to drink the wine, it’s not something where you want to taste it”

“it’s a beverage”

“Wine is meant to be drank, not to be tasted”

-“That’s a novel idea”


“Like you said I was thirsty so I drank it up”

  • You pounded that.

“I was thirsty.”

  • I respect that.

The one we had in Chicago for CWWT #3 was the 2005 Cougar Hills, which was possibly the best Syrah I’ve ever had (and certainly the most memorable).

Clicking the gold button.

Question for the winery…the description says these are foot-pressed. The old Lucy episode comes to mind.

Educate us in general about the use of foot-pressing and how common it is, etc. And why you chose it for this wine.

One of the best Syrahs that K Vintners offers, in my opinion. If I didn’t already have a fair amount of this, I’d pounce on it in a second…