K1 Pet Design D. Ball Round Cat Bed

K1 Pet Design D. Ball Round Cat Bed

Someone who has a cat, please get this and report back!

I would like info on this

Hi there. What info?

I got two. So far so good! I used to have a soft version from Etsy and my one cat liked it but the other would flatten it and sleep on it that way which meant the cat that likes to burrow couldn’t. It’s worth mentioning that the kitty you see here is the ruiner of burrowing and he was the first to take to the new bed… Purring very loudly at that. I think the fuzzy interior is to his liking as it’s just the texture of blanket that I have to hide from him or he nurses. :slight_smile:


I bought 2 of them. A little disappointed that there was nothing to illustrate all the configurations shown in the ad, which was the main reason why I purchased.

The first one has the snaps (not buttons) misaligned just wee bit. Not enough to be defective, but enough to make it really difficult to snap them all. But, the minute I put it down, my elderly cat walked right in, curled up, and was content. - Until our jerkwad younger cat decided it was perfect to pounce onto. The second one has the snaps perfectly aligned and assembled in a breeze.
Now I just have to make a screen grab so I can have all the configurations to give them a shot. All in all, I think I should have bought just one.


I also had the snaps be off just a little bit on one but perfect on the other.

I am curious about these configurations that you speak of.

Sorry for the delay. The product description has a photo of about 6 different configurations the unsnapped ball can be shaped into. I ended up screenshotting it and saved it to my desktop.

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