K3 Artisan Smartphone Cases

Anyone know how easily these break through dropping (possibly repeated dropping…)

Probably will break when the phone breaks, when you drop it.

These things should not be allowed to be called cases. They should be called a “phone wrap”. They’re very attractive, but they aren’t cases. They are decorations. A phone case is made by Incipio or Otter Box. Sometimes Woot has the Incipio cases.

Thank you for the product inquiry. Each of the K3 Artisan Smartphone Cases are 100% real wood inlays fused into a thin and protective TPU Polycarbonate casing to protect your product. At the same time, a beveled protective lip surrounds the front screen for protection if dropped.

Each K3 Artisan Case is guaranteed not to fade,chip, peel, or crack. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions and/or additional requests.


Will this fit the NEW 5s?

Anyone who has actually used the cases have an opinion?

Will the GS3 case fit the GS4?

That’s my question as well. It looks like the 5s is the same size as the 5, but the flash/camera lens are slightly different. So my big question is will it obstruct the flash/camera.


Thank you for the product inquiry. The GS3 product shown/offered here today does not fit the GS4 product due to phone product mold size.

If you would like to see, test and/or check out the K3 product in person, your best bet is to check stock at your local wireless carrier. Everyday retail $49.99/$59.99 Incredible value here @ Woot ~ during our September Savings Promotion. Sale ends September 13th @ 9 a.m.

Thank You.


Bought one of these before for my S3. It does look good, but it was too loose and would just pop right off the phone. Sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Hi there. Very disappointed to hear of your issue as I am not aware of any challenge and/or return to date. Please send a short note to support@thek3company.com
in order to schedule return/replacement of your unit.

Thank You.

Are there any photos of how far up from the front screen of an iPhone these cases stick up? In other words, if I put my phone face down, how much of a gap will there be between the screen itself and the table?

Also, are there any better pictures of how thick the case is? I’d like to see how inset the side buttons are in the cutout.

That would be my #1 question too. While these (and other super thin cases) really provide no drop protection… I only need protection from tossing it in my car, on the desk, etc I just want the screen to not touch anything on a flat surface.

I do like that the bottom is totally open. I had to quit using my awesome bumper case because I couldn’t plug in my guitar adapter, and went with a cheap think skin style like these K3’s so I could easily access the bottom. These wood cases I’ve been eyeballing for a while and this is a price point that is a steal.