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Oooh, a waterproof case. Any thoughts/reviews on that one?


Yes, of course. Please see our largest distributor of the this product @ www.walmart.com
Search powersac where you can see 4.5 average out of 5 STAR rating. There are several related products as well such as a water proof back pack and water proof duffle bag which might come in handy on the boat, the bike, and on the back!Hope this helps:)


The black iPhone 4 has 2 differnt pics of the front of the case…the one with phone in shows an completely uncovered face, and another that shows plastic partially covering arount the front camera and earpiece…which is it. it is random?


Apologize here for any confusion. One of the photos has an insert card inside instead of a phone ( hence the appearance of a cover over the phone). The battery case does not have a cover over the keypad/front of the case. For more photos and information, you can check www.thek3company.com



Have iPod 4th gen that loses all battery power within 24 hrs at times when it’s sitting on but I’m NOT using it. It does light up briefly for email and other alerts. I checked K3 website’s spiel on the Power Boost – is that a good solution or should I be looking at something else?


The Powerboost provides an instant charge requiring no downtime to talk, chat, surf or text. It then will charge your phone to limited capacity. From the sounds of your inquiry, it appears as though you are seeking a larger battery source. The powerboost is 1050 MaH. You should probably research battery chargers in the neighborhood of 5000 MaH if in fact your phone is utilizing that much power during the 24 hour period. There are a number on the market including the K3 Powerock which offers 7800 MaH and can provide dual USB connectors to charge mulitple items simueltaneously. The Powerboost would be great for instant charge, emergency power and lower battery utlization. I hope this helps.


Ziploc has a similar model case
right now, you can get a box of 100 for just $2.98 at Wal-Mart


Anyone know if you can use this for a sprint iphone 4s ??



lololol i was thinking the same.


Thank you for the inquiry. Although the Ziploc product(s) and the K3 Powersac are similar in that they both hold items and/or things we enjoy, the K3 Powersac is made of heavy duty ABS with PVC Poly-vinyl coating, is water-proof, dust-proof and static proof. Added bonus, water tight up to 6 meters with a patent pending z-closure system. Not only that, but it floats and comes with a detachable lanyard. I hope that helps answer your questions related to the product. Better yet, check out the details and family of water proof products @ www.thek3company.com

Please let me know if I/we can be of further assistance.



Yes, it is compatible and will work with Sprint Iphone 4s. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thank You.


Any experiences with the usability of the iPhone while in the waterproof case? Is the touchscreen still receptive?


Thank you for the inquiry. Yes, the touchscreen is receptive. A perfect way to listen to tunes while your Iphone floats alongside you and friends in the pool. If not listening to music, you can chat or text in the pool or running in the rain without delay:)



On the waterproof case… How does it hold up to antimicrobials, germicidals, or just good old soap and water washing? I’m interested in using it for nursing (as well as other waterproof applications), and the main purpose in nursing would be to easily and repeatedly sanitize my phone.


“A new iPhone’s on it’s way”

On it is way?


I think K3 miss understood jester. Jester is referring to the third photo, not the first with the fake phone.

The third photo shows just the case and it looks as though it is covering the front of the phone.

After looking at the other case colors though I think the photographer assembled the top of the case backwards. On the right you can see the cut-away for the silent button which should be on the left with the volume buttons. So it looks wrong…


The K3 waterproof products were approved after rigorous testing requirements. These testing requirements included, but were not limited to humidity chamber testing, dust chamber testing, temperature cycling, vibration testing, drop testing and of course water proof testing. This included specified weight(s) at specified temperatures and depths over varied length of time. I would suggest cleaning with good old soap and water if needed. As for sanitizing your phone and/or the case we utilize clorox anti-bacterial wipes on a regular basis to keep the enviroment healthy and clean. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank You


Thank you for the clarification. All battery cases are not covered on the front. They operate as a standard case, but with 1800 plus MaH power included. They each have an on/off switch and LED lights to allow user easy access to remaining power. Ultra Thin and light! For more photos and/or information, please see the K3 Official Site @ www.thek3company.com



YES! Now I can watch movies in the shower!