K3 Marine Grade Bluetooth Speakers & Power Banks

Sketchy reviews on Amazon. All from Oct 2014, all five star, 1 review

Anyone have the K3 Marine Grade Bluetooth Speaker? How do you like it?

Searching it online took me to some strange review sites (best-wireless-bluetooth-speakers-under-100, bestportablebluetoothspeakersunder300, bestbluetoothportablespeakers2015reviews,…) that didn’t have any reviews. And yes, the Amazon reviews were all too good to be true.

Just bought the K3 Recess Bluetooth Speaker, and I could not be more disappointed with the purchase. I am not sure if the product itself is defective, or if the entire line is shoddy, but the sound quality is absolutely horrendous. The specs advertised a range of up to 10 meters, but I couldn’t get a steady sound from the device at any distance, not even when it was right next to me. I tested the connection with three different devices and the sound was consistently awful across all three. The audio was choppy and distorted, like a cd perpetually skipping. I couldn’t even finish a single song without turning it off in disgust.