K3 Portable Chargers

I got the “K3 Powerporta 6600 Due’ Portable Charger” from w00t a while back. The second port broke within a month or two and nobody ever replied to my multiple customer service complaints. This product is on a closeout site for a reason. It’s a gamble.

Good morning- K3 Company here. Very disappointed to hear of your product disappointment and/or issue. More importantly the issue of your inquiry and response time. We at K3 are diligent in 24-48 response time to inquiry and requests despite less than .005 defect and/or return rate. Please insure you have the correct website @ www.thek3company.com and customer response email @ support@thek3company.com

For additional or direct contact, feel free to contact Karson (customer service @ karsonk@thek3company.com)

As for a quick update, The K3 portfolio of products is current and busting in sales as we speak. Product can be found both online and brick & mortar locations within a number of large retailers, dealers, mass merchants and specialty channels. The Due’ 6600 is a current and available product.

As a side note, due to increased demand and corresponding sales, we are in process of expanding the portfolio with a 10,000 mAh and 12,000 mah portable battery chargers. Details and specifications to be distributed this next month.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thank You

**Please note email VIP line for customer service if needed: karsonk@creative-conceptsintl.com

Thank You

Just got it, instructions are a bit sketchy, there is no adapter for 120V charging as the booklet claims, disappointed no adapter for iPhone 5c and the 8600 charger doesn’t fit in the K3 mesh bag.