K3 Portable Chargers

I picked up the flashlight/charger last time around, and it worked wonders while traveling in Europe when I was out and about for the full day, using GPS. It was small enough to throw in my purse or backpack and ignore until it was needed.

How long did it take to re-charge your phone?

Are the Tubes the same size as the Charger/Flashlights? I see the Charger/Flashlights are 4.13. Are the tubes the same length? I checked the website and I couldn’t see any more specs…maybe I missed something.

More questions, Is there a way to hook the Tube up to a key chain? I don’t see any hooks? I don’t have a purse or a man bag. But a little extra juice for my phone on hand for emergencies would be nice. I don’t need another loose item to remember to put in/take out of my pocket everyday or going through the laundry.

Also, does the cord for the tube you have shown in the picture fit INTO the tube? Maybe that’s just obvious but wanted to make sure it does fit.

There are better chargers (more capacity/ports) for the same price on the Mothersite. Search “EasyAcc 12000mAh External Battery Charger Pack 4”

I wasn’t real happy with the 3000 one I purchased last time this deal came around. It doesn’t charge consistently (turns off while charging) and also seemingly randomly decides not to take a charge, even when the light shows green after leaving it on the charger all day. Then when I really need it it poops out. A rep for K3 actually said I could send it in for a replacement, but I was giving it another chance over Comic-con (it failed again.) Sending it back next week.

AFAIK it doesn’t fit inside. I have all of the pieces in a little pouch in my purse.

The Power Tubes are cylinders, a wee bit less than 3-5/8" long by a wee bit more than 7/8" without a keychain or other hook built in(but read on). The cord does not fit within the tube. It comes with a mesh drawstring bag, ~3-1/2" by ~4-3/4" and large enough to hold at least three of the PowerTubes.

You can unscrew the ends of the tube: inside is a single battery; one end is merely a cap with a spring while the other end is the voltage converter and charging circuitry.

You could drill a small hole or two in the end cap (with the spring) and use that to attach it to something. I’d say there is enough clearance between the end cap and the battery for a relatively flat screw head. There is certainly enough room to thread a loop of string through a pair of holes with a knot inside.

I have two other similar devices, a Kodak KP1000 1000mAh and an Evolution Power 2600mAh (I actually have two each of the K3 and Evolution Power charges; all were purchased from woot within the last few months).

I’ve tested all three chargers using my HTC/TMobile Amaze (stock 1730mAh battery) drained to ~2% with WiFi off, good 4G signal, and little or no other activity.

When fully and fairly freshly charged, the Kodak 1000mAh takes the phone to 35%, the Evolution 2600mAh takes it to ~75% and the K3 2200mAh takes the phone to a full charge.

Obviously, the boost converters in the different chargers are not equally efficient. I’m also guessing that the K3’s 2200mAh battery actually has more than its rated capacity.

Regardless, I (and my daughter) are very happy with our K3 Power Tubes and we are buying two more with this sale.

Does anyone know if these devices will work to recharge an E Cigarette battery? My current E Cig USB charger reads:

Input: DC 5V
Output: DC 4.2V – 450mA

I was thinking that since the input of my E Cig’s USB charger matches the 5V output of the K3 Portable Charger that it will work, but that is certainly a guess. Thanks for any help!