K3 Power & Accessories

Anyone find reviews on this product?

Since jack size is not mentioned anywhere for the platinum audio cable and since I hate to assume things no matter how evident they may appear, could someone just confirm the jacks on this cable are the industry standard 3.5mm? Thanks.

can we get weights on the bags?

HI there. Thank you for the product inquiry. The weights are as follows:

45 Liter Duffle Bag -3.16 lbs
60 Liter Duffle Bag -3.91 lbs

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thx!

I work for a large Intnl. non-profit. We do humanitarian relief in very remote places around the world way off the grid.
What I need is something small (for travel), something that will power my small electrics ie…cellphone, batteries etc…and something that gives me some light at night, lots of light! .
Same as what anyone would need during a power outage at home.
I travel with a SunPortX1 solar light &charger from www.CompactSolarDevices.com
It’s a fraction of the price of the big chargers and it does what you need in a small package.

Sunport is $69 non of the products sold by woot today are over $40 are you advertising or have another source that sells them cheeper,

Regarding: K3 Powerwrap5-WHT Battery Case for iPhone 5

Would this fit the new iPhone 5S - not sure if the dimensions changed at all.

Thank you for the product inquiry. Yes, the Powerwrap 5 is compatible with 5/5S. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thx!

Got two of the flashlights. They’re actually pretty darn good just to use as lights, let alone the charger ability. Seems to have very good charge transfer efficiency for smartphones, some cheaper battery packs have higher capacity but actually end up charging less.

Hey Woot, can you please answer the question I asked earlier regarding the Platinum Audio Cable? Thanks.

Thank you for the product inquiry. Yes, the jacks are universal 3.5 mm. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thx!

What’s the expected charge life for the K3 Powerporta Due’ 8600? About how much charging time will I get if I’m charging a smartphone? Does it have a rechargable lithium ion battery?

They are 3.5mm cables. Now, go buy 3…please.

Thank you for the product inquiry. The 8600 Due models are rechargeable lithium polymer batteries with 8600 mAh. Your charging time will be dependent on your smartphone battery capacity. ie- if you smartphone has a 2150 mAh battery, then it will charge it up to 4 times. ie divide your product battery into the mAh (8600 in this case). Average will be 3-4 times, again dependent on your smartphone battery.

The 8600 has dual usb ports, thus one 5v/1a ( smartphones, headsets, speakers etc) and a second 5v/2.1 port. You can use the latter for your power hungry tablets or just charging your smartphone. Best of both worlds. It ships with 2 charge cables, 6 connectors and a mesh bag. Great product and a fabulous price! Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thx!