K3 Powerporta 8600 mAh Portable Charger

**Item: **K3 Powerporta 8600 mAh Portable Charger
Price: $34.99
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No lightning cable adaptor? :frowning:

I have to 30,000 mHa charger from these guys I bought off ebay for about the same price that includes the lightning cable and it works fine. I highly recommend their products.

Time to check out the product page

30,000 mHa, that’s 30 Ha’s, or 10 Ha-Ha-Ha’s. Is it really that entertaining?

Any idea how many times this would charge the average hungry phone? Once? Twice? Three times?

a lady.

  1. The power output has nothing to do with the lightning connector or the older ipod/3G/4/5 connector. They are all USB on the other end.

  2. The newest phone is about 1500 mah (milliamp-hours). So, technically you should get 5 charges and change. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out quite that optimally. I’d expect a solid 4.

For long plane rides, where you are using the phone intensively and one charge isn’t enough, but 3 is plenty, it’s perfect. For car camping with no outlet for a couple of days, it’s perfect.

Im glad my Galaxy Note 3 has a 3200mha battery :smiley:

The market for these things is beyond flooded. I bought a 2,200mAh battery with a single USB port on clearance a few days ago and it suits my needs just fine. Don’t get sucked in by all the whistles and bells.

This phone can drain its battery fast.

scar is right - here’s one with 10,400mAh, 4.5 stars at Woot’s momma Amazon for $29.99 - today’s woot price is no bargain, do your hw

Does this come with an AC adapter? What type will work?

fitting that they have 2 iphones attached… (coming from an iphone owner)

It’s just like coffee for your phone, just doesn’t smell.

eh… its a standard USB plug. Works with any existing lightning adapter

fitting because iPhones drain power so fast?

I bought this one from Amazon in July:


It’s 6600 mAh for $25.99. We used it on vacation and it workd great. It charged my phone (Galaxy S2) and my gf’s phone (Galaxy Note 2) one to two times each and never ran out of power on us. I think the deal today is pretty good, the link above is better though. (I’m going to get one. I let a friend borrow mine and haven’t gotten it back yet.)

The lightning connector is still pretty proprietary. You can use your own lightning cable that came with your device.

In generalized terms its just basic math. Google your phone model and specs to find out the mah of the battery it came with then divide it into 8,600. Its not real world as batteries dont behave exactly like their ratings, but its a good rough estimate. For example an iphone 5 has a 1,440mah battery so you should theoretically get 5.97 full charges out of it. Probably not a good idea for tablets as they have huge batteries. ipad 3 has an 11,560mah battery so you wouldn’t even get a full single charge out of it. Hope that helps!