K3 Powertube Portable USB Device Charger

Anyone have experience with these Chargers?

Dimensions would be handy; it’s a perpetual annoyance when sites tout items using words like “portable, slim and lightweight,” but then neglect to provide any measurements.

Interestingly enough, the manufacturer couldn’t be bothered to include dimensions, either, but I found them elsewhere: 3.5" long by 0.75" in diameter.

I also found a review from 2011 for a product that looks pretty much identical; the reviewer wasn’t impressed.

What? No handy belt loop case? So I have to look elsewhere for a method for attaching it to my Bat Belt? I might consider it if it doubled as a flashlight.

FWIW, these puppies store 2200 mAh power and claim to retain 95 percent charge up to 30 days.

That’s enough power to recharge your phone, or to keep your tablet running for an additional 1 to 2 hours (depending on usage).

I am looking for reviews by people who own this item.

Unless you own a new iPad (iPad 4- with lighting connector). Considering it can’t recharge while being used when connected to a computer, USB outlet, previous iPad wall charger, or car USB outlet!

Great deal for a “K3 Powertube”

Let’s say you would prefer something that looks almost identical, is 2800 mAh, and also a flashlight. What then? I dunno, I’m going to check the Bay of e to see if “2800mah external battery charger” returns anything similar for around $11.79 with free shipping. Wish me luck.

Otherwise, this is great. I love Woot.

Sorry Woot.

Just got mine. It came with two things I wasn’t expecting. First is a nylon mesh drawstring bag about the size of a cigarette pack, that will be really good for misc stuff while camping. The other is a 50% discount off of my next purchase at the website (thek3company.com). That seems like a Pretty Big Deal, except that the promo code is definitely not personalized… I would guess that anyone within the sound of my voice could use “FF50” and get the discount. You’re welcome.