K3 Powerwraps

2000 output, weak IMO but will give you roughly 30-50%.

Where are you getting 2000 from? Is 1400mAH not the output? Do you have experience with this case? Reviews are next to nonexistent based on the limited searching I’ve done.
Edit: I see my mistake regarding the output. 2000mAH is the output for the iPhone 5 version, whereas I was looking at the 4/4S version.

30-50% what? More power? more time? More monkey love?

I would have thought theses to be extremely popular…so the lack of comments and information on these is very surprising… What is up here?

I bought one back in June and love it. Took it camping for a week and between it and my solar charger was all set with my iPhone 5

Definitely monkey love.

The specs on Woot don’t specify whether it is compatible with Verizon as well as AT&T / TDMA phones, while their website has a ‘Universal’ PowerWrap for the iPhone (for the 4/4s version). Do you know if this version on Woot is compatible for Verizon?

Hi there. Yes, the PowerWrap (s) are compatible with Verizon networks. Please let me know if you have any additional questions-I hope this helps. Thx

So I got mine, and I want to post this in case they come up again and someone is looking for a review since they aren’t on Amazon.

I got the case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Overall its not bad, unfortunately no matter what I try I can’t keep a micro usb cord plugged into the case when the phone is plugged in.

I’ve tried this with 5 different micro USB cords, including the one that came with my S3 and the only one that doesn’t end up sliding out easily is the very short one (1.5ft) that came with the case. So it means I end up having to move that cord around or remove the device from the case and charge both separately.

Other then that it does a good job of extending the battery and doesn’t add a tremendous amount of bulk to the phone. It won’t be my standard case because of the charging issue but it’ll be nice for travel.