K3 Smartphone Battery Cases

Finally, some S3 love…

too bad I already bought a battery case :frowning:

Oh well. It’s the thought that counts

Ironically, they don’t offer older phone models. Yet older phone batteries are the ones that likely need a replacement. If your new phone needs a battery already, it was poorly made or you have too much crap on it.

this isn’t a replacement battery its to extend the talk time but have a 2nd battery built into the case

I’m a little confused here. The stock battery in my S3 is 2100mah. This battery case is 2000mah. This does replace the stock battery, yes?

It extends it, so essentially, you have 2 batteries combining 4100mah total.

two questions:

  1. Will this charge the phone AND the case simultaneously?

  2. Can I sync my phone with the case on?

I assume you meant with and iphone but maybe not?
According to the User Manual and I quote.
“If you are going to charge PowerWrap5 and iPhone 5 together besides above, please also place iPhone 5 into the power case. power case gives priority to iPhone 5, and turns to power case when your iPhone has been fully charged.”

There’s nothing in the manual that says anything about syncing directly. However, in the FAQ section for troubleshooting there is a remark that says “Can not Sync” the resolve is to check your micro cable and make sure it is connected well to the power case. So I assume it does sync with the case on or is meant to based on that remark.

One extra thing to note is it looks like the base of the power case has to be disassembled to connect your headphones.

Hope that all helps!

so it looks like this case just straight up blocks the speakers?

If you look at the bottom front of the case there are little holes, so it directs the sound out.