K3 Waterproof Bags

Not knowing the displacement of your average DSLR, what would be an appropriate size for an EOS Rebel T3i and its 18-55mm lense?

Hey Woot, I’ve been in the market for a waterproof backpacks, so this seems fortuitous. Do you know actual weight of the 20L and 30L bags?

I’ll ask but I’m not sure we have samples.

Under the “specs” tab for each bag, the dimensions in inches are listed - although it does not say whether these are interior or exterior dimensions.
The 1.5 L bag will not work for you.

The description talks about keeping electronics dry but is there an actual laptop sleeve in the 30L bag?

Thanks! I just decided, in for a penny, in for a pound and got the backpack. I’m sure there’s more than a camera that I’d want to take kayaking with me this year.

Hi there. Thank you for your product inquiry. The 20L is right at 2 lbs without packaging while the 30L is 2.9 pounds. Please also check website @ www.thek3company.com as needed for product specifications and features. The main difference is capacity/size 2o Liter vs. 30 liters, sternum & shoulder harness( 30 Liter is heavy duty, padded & zippered pocket on harness ) and external zip (20 Liter. I hope this helps. Please let me know if yu have any other questions and/or requests.

Thank you for your product inquiry. There is not an internal padded compartment on the 30 Liter Bag. Although, the 20 Liter does have an external zippered compartment if needed. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thx!

Great! Fabulous purchase and stellar value found here on Woot! Enjoy~

How is the top closure waterproof? Is it a zip-lock like closure, or does it just roll over? Can the bags be submerged or just have water poured over them? Taking the Kayaking guy as an example, if the bag falls into a river is it waterproof when submerged?


Thank you for the product inquiry. The Back Packs have a two way closure system ( side or roll top) while the duffle and others have a roll top closure.

Simply roll down to required capacity and clip. The bags are made from PVC with heat welded seams, thus will float. Unless of course, you place weights or perhaps concrete inside. The bags are not intended to submerge, but rather keep your products safe & dry on the bike, in the boat, rafting, snow-skiing, paddleboarding, kiteboarding and more! Manufactured specifications much higher than Northface for half the price! Enjoy~

Thanks for replying - that was the info I was looking for. I had been looking at a bag with similar specs, but under a pound. But in the end, it couldn’t beat out the savings her. In for 2 of the 30L.

Is it possible to see a picture of the slim-line adjustable waist belt on the 20L backpack?

Certainly. Please send a quick email to: support@thek3company.com

Our support desk will send over a few photos to your email and/or directed locale.

Otherwise, you can send an email directly to our customer service manager @ karsonk@creative-conceptsintl.com


I’m not familiar with K3’s products, but most bags like this will survive the day hanging from a canoe thwart or stowed in the back of a kayak. But they’re not (necessarily) made to handle being six feet underwater all afternoon. If you plan to put something expensive and water-phobic in them, then run the experiment first: take them out with paper towels inside, and when you’re done, open the bag and see if any moisture leaked in.

I’m in for one to hold basic gear in a canoe – the duffel bag style is handy for that and while it might sit in a puddle all day, it shouldn’t be fully immersed unless something unexpected happens. It’ll be interesting to see how K3’s match up against the other ones I’ve got.

Here’s a quick review: I work on a dive boat and have been using the duffel for about a year. Other than some minor fraying on the edges of the material and the fading from being in the South Florida sun all summer its still going strong.

I have a number of drybags as well as a couple of their duffels. Every drybag I’ve seen has a rolltop system - roll it down at least 3 times and then clip it down using the buckles on the side.

Since these are airtight, they’ll float rather than sink. I’ve dragged them behind on a boat as well as used them as flotation aids for the not-so-strong swimmer snorkelers.

Any issues with condensation ? I’m concerned for dslr and lenses building up condensation when sitting in a plastic bag with no air circulation.

Any comments ?

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