K3 Waterproof Bags

I bought a backpack a while ago from Woot in preparation of the yet another upcoming apocalypse, and ended up using it for Burning Man this year instead. Barely a bit of dust got into the bag.

Anyone have any info on the inside of the 20L backpack? Tough choice between this and the slightly-better-documented Yukon Outfitters Carbon Point 25L. Not sure if the Carbon Point warrants an extra 20 bucks over this guy…

I have a 30L backpack from K3 and Yukon Outfitters 25L and I would say that the K3 is a better product. It is heavier weight and the roll top repels water better.

Are these bags waterproof as in submerged under 3 feet of water waterproof, or more like driving rain downpour waterproof?

Stay away from K3! I’ve owned two products from them and they were both junk. Maybe if you want a beach bag or some light duty use.
K3 means Krap on one and cover it up with the other two.

I am very pleased with the 3 set of Yukon bags I bought. I’m tough on gear and put products like this to task.
But it’s your money and can spend it any way you please

On the K3 website, the actual list price is $79.99, but out-of-stock. I can’t find it on Amazon. As far as submersible waterproofing, I doubt it would be, even though there are no zippers. There is some type of opening to get your gear inside.
A note about “Class-3 Water proofing” Class 3 – Waterproof so tight it floats or can handle quick submersions. The product could be permeated by water in any of the following applications: prolonged submersion, submersions greater than 3 feet in depth, high water pressure applications.

Thank you for your product interest and inquiry. There are many factors to either water resistant and/or waterproofing for all products including cameras, speakers, back-packs etc. Thus, dependent on your need you should research and select the proper product(s). This can be referred as class rating of product or IPX certified rating.

A class one product such as Overboard Adventure Duffle (class 1) is water resistant for sprinkle and/or mist (most product with stitching or zipper works in this manner). When you work up in class number to 7 or an IPX7, the product is waterproof and submersible. An example is our K3 personal pack-this is submersible to 6M, but is made with PVC/ABS which will float. If you happen to pack with heavy object and it sinks, the product is completely waterproof to 6 meters. The K3 duffle (s) and backpack (s) are rated class 3 to class 6 depending on the item due to RF welding seams, flotation materials (either PVC, TPU, Tarpaulin) and roll top closure. Rain, spray jets, showers, snow, dust, and water.

If you are interested in water resistant, we offer several shoulder bags. The class rating is not as high due to waterproof zipper closure. Although made of same materials, the rating is lower due to the zipper closure (thus, not submersible)

As a side note, all K3 products are manufactured on the same factory lines as Top Tier 1 Brands-this includes waterproof gear as well as the K3 Bluetooth Speakers. As good or better than Tier 1 brands without the lofty price tag! I hope this helps. Great value today on Woot!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and/or requests either here or support@thek3company.com

What is the rating for the 45L duffel listed here for sale?

I’m calling shannanigans on the same quality as Tier 1 brands. I bought your 10 liter waterproof bag and it was junk. It was strapped to the back of my 4 wheeler and a hole rubbed through after an hour of riding. So I patched it with some duct tape and silicone. Then the Velcro separated from the bag.
Now I use it to hold dog food or sometimes our trash. Well unless I’m worried about it getting wet. Then I use something way more waterproof and durable, like a grocery store bag.

Other than the Woot discounts, I don’t think your prices are that great. I Bought the Yukon 3 pack dry bags this summer for 40 bucks I think. I kept one and gave one to each of my Brothers. I strap it to my quad and no worries. My Brother said he caught his boy dragging his (full of toys) behind his bike.
He said it’s scuffed and dirty but no holes. No word from my other Brother, he takes care of his stuff.
Good luck peddling your wares, just don’t mislead people!

Thank you for the K3 product inquiry. The K3 Performance 45 Liter Duffle is a class 3 product.


Thank you for your product inquiry. I have attached a link below for the 10 Liter Bag of interest. Top (#1) UK brand ~ we love it and the great competition as “imitation is quite the utter most form of flattery”!


Please keep in mind, K3 products withhold a 365 day/1 year warranty. While returns run less than .0021 (less than 2 percent including customer remorse), our support team is available @ support@thek3company.com as needed.

Appreciate your time and interest. Great value today on Woot!