K3 Waterproof Bags

Do these things have any buoyancy? Or does your gear sink rapidly to the bottom, remaining dry all the way?

previous convo regarding these bags:


it says in the previous convo that these do float

Thank you!

Can someone please explain the difference between the yachtsport collection and the “other” dry bags? (I’m specifically looking at the 20L backpacks…) What makes the yachtsport $10 more?

I was curious about that as well and the difference I seem to see is this (20L Waterproof backpack as example):

Gray: •Material: 500 Denier Nylon with PVC Coating

Yachtsport: •Material: 600 Denier Nylon with PVC Tarpaulin

Denier being a unit of textile measurement much like threadcount.

I take these specs to mean that although the waterproof rating is the same, the Yachtsport bags probably have a more dense outer layer.

But I would love someone to confirm or expand on this.

Thank you for the product interest and/or inquiry. The Yachtsport product is crafted with high gloss finish w/double coating. Thus, the additional costs in materials and labor. Same size, product features, but different material (s). We have the 20 Liter Back-Pack available in 4 different options. Black/Gray, Yellow/Black (sold out), White Yachtsport and then Trails Team Camo. The Trails Team is a different material as well. Please review details available @ www.thek3company.com. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank You!

Thank you for the reply. I settled on the Yachtsport 15L shoulder bag but may end up getting personal 1.5L bag as well.

Or get the camo one that has the much better waterproof rating (6 vs. 3) at $10 less than the Yachtsport plus a daisy chain and attachment loops.

Does my iPhone 6 fit inside of the personal pack?

Dimensions: 4.52" x 2.95" x 5.90"
If your phone is smaller than this.

I have a doubt over the specs…water-proof rating as stated is 3 or 6, while water-proof standards rate them as water-resistant (7 & 8 as water-proof with some constraints)…
so how does your bags are water-proof even with class 3 and 6 ratings only?