K3 Waterproof Bags

This might be a dumb question but would these float? I’m thinking of towing one behind a kayak on a recreational float trip, so there is more room for beer in the boat.

Funny that they can not be shipped to the places that could get the most use out of them

The way these fold up, I probably wouldn’t use them for kayaking. They don’t actually seal up. When they say waterproof, I think they primarily mean rainproof. The top folds over the closing and then the other flap fold over that to keep incoming rain dripping down the sides. It does a great job of keeping the rain out, because it keeps the dripping water falling down the sides (which is key in rainproof gear – eventually the water starts soaking through if you don’t provide a way for it to run off the sides). But the way it works, if it rolls over in the water I’m not sure everything inside would stay dry.

Thank you for the product inquiry. Each of the bags do float (weight dependent). And, yes they are waterproof. The triple fold down seal and closure system keeps your contents safe and dry. They can actually be utilized as a cooler as well. Due to the sheer weight of beer and ice, I would prohibit pulling behind a boat to play it safe. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank You

haha nvm! Thought the 1.5l pack was a back pack…

edit - or is it? any pics to show how it looks?

I bought a 1.5L pack and backpack the last time these guys came up on woot. Both did an excellent job of keeping my stuff dry when I was caught out in a freak thunderstorm in a canoe.

The 1.5L pack is most definitely NOT a backpack. A liter and a quart are about the same size, so a 1.5L pack is half again the size of a quart freezer bag. I’d say it’s the same size as a small-medium woman’s purse.

I bought one of these last round, and I would not at all trust it to be floated behind a kayak. I didn’t try it, but since it just folds up, I don’t see how it would be totally water proof in that situation.

It seems to me that this product ought to be filed under “sport.woot”.

sweet! thanks for the reply!

The pictures I can find aren’t very good at showing the size, and I’m bad at visualizing dimensions. does anyone know which of the duffel bags would fit better when strapped to the back of a motorcycle?

Whether it floats depends on two things - (1) that you close the bag properly (folding it down multiple times) to create a seal and (2) how much heavy stuff you put in the bag since whether something floats is about water displacement.

I bought these the last time and they are sturdier than most of the dry bags I’ve seen. They all work on the same principle - fold the opening a few times and then click the two ends together.

Thank you for the product inquiry. The best duffle for the motorcycle would be the 45L due to size. But, in getting the most for your money here you can utilize the 60 and/or 80 and roll down/decrease size as needed. They are fabulous bags and Woot has a significant value here on our 2013 Collection. Grab one while you can…enjoy.

Although they may not be necessarily 100% leak-proof if submerged underwater for a while, the fold-and-clip method here is a typical means of securing waterproof wetbags. I have no experience with these bags, but the look pretty good to me.

Every dry bag in existence seals using this method. I haven’t used these bags personally, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t be totally water proof.

I agree with this statement. The competition (ortliebs, sealline, outdoor research, northface etc) all use the same technique. I’ve used the ortliebs, and I bought these last time, and think they are reasonable deals. The seams are sturdy, and they are frankly very simple bag designs, with very heavy-duty material specs. well enough for me to dunk quite severely with no ingress. I would not take it down 20 feet, but I would have no problems dragging this around behind a boat. You don’t get particularly fancy bag features, like external pockets, or internal pockets, sculpted straps, air release valves, or what not. you just get a basic dry bag with heavy-duty material specs. The quality of manufacture is good too…not shoddy.

I purchased one last time around, and they are only minimally waterproof. I swam with the backpack on, on the surface, and everything in there got soaked, including my wallet and phone. Had to get a new phone. Probably should have gone for a test run with it first, but I blindly trusted that it would be waterproof, having seen many drybags which worked in the same way. :frowning:

I had fully roll-folded the covering down and clipped the sides in, and pulled the straps to their tightest. Later, I tried putting it in the water, and little bubbles came out, and water got in.

It does float, though.

How many times did you roll it. You need to roll it down at least 3 times to create that waterproof seal. As noted before, this is how pretty much every dry bag works and this is no different.

I rolled it down the full three times, until the point where rolling it anymore was impossible because of the shoulder straps on the bag.

I have been on a number of river trips with other dry bags, and even when inside a boat which had inches of water surrounding them, no water leaked in.