K3 Waterproof Dry Bag - Your Choice

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K3 Waterproof Dry Bag - Your Choice
Price: $34.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Oct 07 to Friday, Oct 10) + transit
Condition: New


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Waterproof Dry Bag? Someone should have run that through the Dept of Redundancy Dept.

Oh darn, those are TECHNICAL dry bags. I need a TACTICAL set of dry bags.

These are the “capsize your canoe and lose a dry bag forever because you can’t spot it at a distance” version. Also not-great prices.

Marketing. Everyone knows what “waterproof” means. Not everyone knows what a “dry bag” is.

Can be slightly annoying but there is a reason for it.

No, it’s the capsize your canoe and lose a dry bag forever because you didn’t tie it to anything.

As for the price, it is on the pricier side but it is pretty well made - the material is thick, sonic welded(?), and durable. You may be paying extra for the camo. I forgot how much the non-camo 20 liter backpack went for.

As a side note, I get branding and all but to put a big logo on camo? That goes with all the tactical" stuff from Yukon and others, too.

" in-penetrable " - really, WOOT? Who does spell check on this thing?

I wonder if these are the *impervious * Waterproof Dry bags?

They get the copy from the company. That misspelling as well as the other bullet points are on the K3 website, too.


So… when I do capsize my canoe, and on the off chance I don’t actually lose it forever, will my contents still be dry? I saw this and immediately thought of getting this for when I finally go on a multi-day canoe or white water rafting trip.

Thank you for your product inquiry and interest. K3 manufactures and distributes a number of waterproof products ranging from PVC, Tarpaulin, PU coating. At the same time, manufacture according to our customer (s) demand, requirements and needs whether private label or K3 branded product. Dependent on your particular solution, we offer a line up Team K3 geared toward the Dive and surf shops, Yachtsport targeted for boating/marine crowd and for our 2014-2015 limited edition the Camo product line. Hunting season is kicking off and sales are brisk! The K3 Trails Team Camo is a very high end lightweight PU and coated material. It floats and boasts a class 6 waterproof rating. Great value today on Woot. Snag one while you can! Thank you again for your interest- fabulous product at a fantastic price!

Hey! Thanks for popping into the thread. Great to have you around! :slight_smile:

Darn. He didn’t tell us the difference between TACTICAL and TECHNICAL.