Ka-Bloem! The Garden Explosion

so, are these basically overpriced smart pots?

I’ve picked up those same plastic garden urns at Family Dollar for $5. Where’s the Woot! deals anymore?

Yeah, I got excited because I’ve been meaning to try Smart Pots, and then I saw the price. They’re a lot cheaper on Amazon. $6.76 for 5 gal Smart Pot and $12.70 for 15 gal Hydrofarm.

Are the bases of the urns solid flat across the bottom or open/hollow?

Checking with the vendor. I’ll update my post when I know more.

UDPATE: The bases are hollow.

Oh no, these are not smart pots…these are smarter pots.

smart pots on only felt cut outs.

BloomBagz are products are designed using air-pruning and root trapping technology, these double layered fabric bags will give you improved growing results. The larger planters have heavy duty handles to make moving them easier, and include mesh grommets to aid in ventilation and convenient draining.

BloomBagz are made using recycled plastic bottles. BloomBagz is removing four to ten plastic bottles from a landfill for every bag made.

Bloom Bags are perfect for growing things that your own soil has trouble with. Our soil is heavily clay so I grow carrots in bags like this with pretty good results.

How deep are the 18" Lucca Window Boxes?

Neeeeevermind. Found the dimensions over at Amazon.

Product Dimensions: 18 x 8.7 x 7 inches ; 1.1 pounds

The 18" Rail Planters are $13.99/ea. at Target, w/ free shipping for orders over $25. One needs to shop around before jumping on these woot “deals”.