Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses

NP in the product code sounds like non-polarized to me


Great Catch! We did have them priced as if they were non-polarized but for those who have ordered they will be receiving the polarized style as advertised. You guys luck out! All other styles in the sale are polarized as advertised.


as an optician i have to tell you all these are some serious great quality sunglasses , and this is a GREAT price for them.
do not miss out on these !

Most of these are over $100 on Ebay.
However , the black Kanvas is $59.95 on Amazon .

Anyone has any experiences on these glasses ?

I have 2 pair and LOVE them. It’s like bathing your eyes in cool ice. Great lenses, comfortable for long periods of time. These are fantastic sunglasses!

I plan to pick up another pair!


The $59.95 one’s on Amazon are for non-polarized. The one’s offered in this sale are polarized.


Are the lenses mirrored?

No, we’d list that in the specs if so.

So, these are the exact same sunglasses that I can walk into a dealer and get?


That is correct!

Copper or dark lenses?

So I just bought these at 10:18PM CT, am I getting a pair with polarized lenses?

man really wanted the burnet but they are gone. how do the kanvas fit? i hate crazy large sunglasses but i also do not like aviator style ones so the kanvas looks like my only choice right now.

That is the thing I’ve always brought it up here . If the sunglasses appeared to be on a mannequin head or a model it could be much easier for buyers . Especially for a non-return shopping site .


Yes, all sunglasses in this sale are polarized.



We try to give as much size information as possible in the specs tab. I’ve also noticed that if you Google the styles there are pictures of them on people both on the manufacturer’s website and throughout Google images.

Hope this helps!

Totally agree a shot of them on a standard mannequin head would be so helpful. Where is that freaky Mitzy, or Maggie, or Midge or whatever her name is mannequin when you need her?

I have the S5’s (not offered here) but they are the best glasses I’ve ever had. These are amazing lesser known shades. They kill my oaks. If you had a pair of some I could use for cycling I’d be all over another pair.

I bought the Kaenon 307-04-G12, just received them, The lenses are not large, my face is on the smaller size so they might look small on larger framed person.